Microsoft chief is open to regulate facial recognition

Facial recognition is something which was used in the areas of high securities. It was a feature which was installed in places where people required high clearances to get it. The security measures did not require such a high-end technology but it seemed kind of impossible to execute it at first. However, things have changed and technology has shrunk. Technology has a funny way to evolve, the more evolved a technology is, the cheaper and easier it gets.

That is the most fun part of any technology and facial recognition falls in the same category. People at first thought it is incredibly hard to execute something like this, which is the first impression of any outrageous tech, then years passed a lot of research happened and now it is available almost everywhere. People have exploited the tech so much that it is available in almost every phone. Facial recognition for the security of a phone has become a feature almost and it is a deal-breaker if it is not.

Apple was the first company to introduce a worthy facial recognition in a phone. The most amazing part about it was that it had totally erased the previous security function that was the fingerprint scanner. The company had taken it out and also the headphone jack to accommodate facial recognition. The other fact about iPhone X is that it had introduced an infrared camera which helped add to the functioning of the feature.

However, with a few software tweaks almost all the flagship phones or even the sub INR 40,000 phones brought in the feature which was faster than the iPhone’s. But there was one thing that was missing and it was the 100% accuracy. The iPhone guarantees a certain level of accuracy but many companies fail to do so and there are absolutely no regulations for the same. Making a phone requires a lot of regulations to be followed but one feature which has absolutely no regulation is facial recognition.

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft chief said that it is very important to introduce some regulations for security purposes for the feature. He said that there should be some distinct difference between right and the wrong use of technology and currently, facial recognition has none. He was of the opinion that the accepting the regulation would help the marketplace to a great extent because ‘it would not be a race to the bottom’.

He was talking at the World Economic Forum in Davos when he said that Microsoft is pretty happy to accept the principles and build a solid technology that is robust in all ways. That said, it is very important to have regulations for any technology that is new and can be exploited.

-Unmesh Phule

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