Microsoft Challenge Winner OrganSecure Makes Organ Donation Easy

OrganSecure by Pratik Mohapatra

OrganSecure is the result of noble efforts from Bangalore based, 21-year-old engineering student Pratik Mohapatra. OrganSecure aims to establish an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)  model for real-time organ donation updates depending on the critical nature of the need. His app recently secured the third position worldwide in Microsoft‘s AI for Good Idea Challenge.

The contest, which is designed to recognize and aid concepts that use technology to solve critical real-world problems, has awarded OrganSecure as a potentially life-changing idea that can have a significant impact in near-death conditions.

Mohapatra has previously won the 2018 Imagine Cup world championship in Redmond, Washington with his DrugSafe app.

What Is OrganSecure?

OrganSecure attempts to bridge the gap between organ donors and recipients by ensuring timeliness and consent to make organs available to those in need in real-time. The algorithms are presently being trained with relevant datasets sourced from multiple major hospitals, and eventually, would have a strong database that would be regularly updated with donor details and recipient applications. The app uses Microsoft’s Azure machine learning platform to operate, and initially takes users through an awareness program on organ donation.

The app targets organ donation, a large non-organised sector of healthcare that often sees crisis moments, and aims to make it more streamlined and accessible with the use of AI.  Mohapatra is currently testing algorithms and looking to tie up with hospitals.

Applicants can apply for organs through the app, which would subsequently have an AI-assisted screening process as well. While applying, users would be able to see the real-time status of their application, the expected time of receiving the organ, and the total cost of the procedure. This, in essence, may streamline the entire organ donation sector of healthcare in India, and Mohapatra states that he plans to release the app soon as the organ donation target accuracy rate studies are concluded.

Once ready, Mohapatra aims to first release the app in Karnataka. “One person can give life to as many as eight people through organ donation. OrganSecure will ensure that those in need of an organ, receive one in time. At the end of the day, if 30-40 percent of OrganSecure users become organ donors, I would have achieved my mission,” Mohapatra expressed.

A computer science engineering student at R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru, the 21-year-old explains that his AI-powered app is currently in an alpha-testing stage. Mohapatra is scheduled to join Microsoft upon graduating in July 2020. He aims to release the service in the USA, South Korea, China and Singapore.

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