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Mi Water Purifier H1000G With 3:1 Pure Wastewater Ratio Launched

Xiaomi has expanded its ecosystem range by introducing the Mi Water Purifier H1000G. The water purifier integrates double RO reverse osmosis filtration technology and has a stable 3:1 pure to waste water ratio. The company touts it to be the strongest in water purification capacity and fastest in water output. Xiaomi claims that the Mi Water Purifier H1000G can purify as much as 2.5 liters of water in just one minute. The water purifier has a three-stage filter element in addition to the double RI membrane for better purification results.

Mi Water Purifier H1000G price, sale
Mi Water Purifier H1000G is priced at CNY 3,999 in China. It is available in a single white color option and will go on sale from November 1. Early adopters can pick the purifier for an introductory price of CNY 2,999. Xiaomi’s Youpin site is already taking reservations for the Mi Water Purifier H1000G.

The new water purifier is a smart home product, which means it can be paired with the MIJIA app. Through the app, users can check water quality, filter life, and other information in real-time.

Mi Water Purifier H1000G features
The Mi Water Purifier H1000G comes with double RO reverse osmosis filtration technology. The water passes through the main membrane and once more through a secondary RO membrane. This secondary membrane uses pressure transmission with low noise and low cost. The water purifier has a three-year long-lasting filter, and is touted to have a 3:1 pure to wastewater ratio, and can purify 2.5 liters of water in one minute.

The Mi Water Purifier H1000G has a three-stage filtration system that the company says removes rust, bad smell, magnesium, absorbed calcium, residual chlorine, and heavy metal from tap water. The three filters are made of folded pp cotton, pre-activated carbon sheets, RO membrane, and inhibitor sheets. Xiaomi claims that the quality of water is equal to the packaged bottles found in the market. The filtered water is touted to be clear and sweet in taste.

It also features a horizontal suction filter element and a design height of 43 cm with a water storage tank. There is an OLED screen indicator on the Mi Water Purifier H1000G that shows the running status and filter status. It also offers filter change reminders and these filter changes can easily be done by the user without the need for a technician. It also is noted to have water leakage protection.

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