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Mi Home Security Camera 1080p A Powerful And Portable CCTV

If you are searching for a security camera for your home or business, look no further as Xiaomi has you covered. The renowned Chinese tech brand has entered the home security division in India a while ago and has now brought in a very affordable security solution for all those who need basic surveillance. With the introduction of the Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p, Xiaomi has taken into consideration the affordability and basic needs of the consumers’ surveillance needs.

The Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p is an internet-connected camera and works on an active internet connection at home or in the room where it is deployed.

The Mi new latest launch provides you a myriad of features such as 1080p full HD resolution, 130° ultra-wide-angle lens, 10m infrared range, night vision scope, zoning classification, intelligent detection, two-way voice communication.

Amazingly detailed recording

The Mi Home Security Camera Basic sports a full HD 1080p sensor that also has a viewing angle of 130 degrees and helps you capture a wider area of your surveillance spot. Image quality and overall smoothness is incredible and even viewed directly on your mobile phone. To see in the dark without impacting a restful sleep a 10m infrared night vision And 8 large-sized 940nm infrared lights enable an effective night vision at up to 10m. .Mi Home Security Camera is equipped with a BSI back-illuminated sensor and WDR dynamic wide range, to always provide a quality image of your home. Moreover, 2.4G/5G dual Wi-Fi support helps you with  Clear, continuous and no freezing, so you do not miss a single instant of the recording.

Portable and Handy

It runs off any 5V smartphone charger and also bundles a power adapter with it. Along with the device and the adapter is a USB power cable that is long enough to reach from the power outlet to wherever you situate the camera. The camera is a one-piece device that can move or tilt vertically to an angle of 90-degrees and thus provides flexibility to the device.

Multiple views

If you decide to buy two or more Mi Home Security Camera, for example, your Living room, bedroom, kitchen or garden. Mi provides you with the easy interface on your mobile device so you can still view multiple rooms on your phone and stay up-to-date about the situation in the different rooms simultaneously.

Smart identification for auto-disable

To deal with concerns regarding the protection of your family’s privacy. Mi Home Smart Camera is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth chip. If family members do not want to be recorded by the camera, they can calibrate the camera to automatically hibernate when it detects their Mi Bands or iPhones nearby to protect privacy.

Two-way voice communication

Mi Home Smart Camera comes with an omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone and high-fidelity speakers so that you can communicate clearly and smoothly. With a 1080P Full HD screen, communicating via cell phone feels like being right there beside your family. This adds to the interactive touch with the device and makes it operator friendly.

Secure local storage for sensitive areas

In addition to microSD cards, Mi Home Security Camera also supports the use of Cloud NAS storage using compatible routers or other compatible storage devices. This allows for local storage of videos to enhance security. The Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p does not store any data on the cloud which makes your recordings immune to privacy and security concerns.

A plethora of features and budget-friendly price makes Mi Home Security Camera 1080p an attractive home appliance The perfect use for it in cases such as baby or pet monitoring, small shops and such areas where your surveillance area is smaller and in one direction. We surely recommend the Basic 1080p camera if your needs are limited surveillance spots and in a limited budget.

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