Mark Zuckerberg’s tenure as chairman of Facebook might come to an end

Facebook scratched off

Facebook is a company which has seen a lot of scandals on the outside. There have been a lot of problems the company has been facing and it has taken it on its chin. There were a lot of problems the company faced in the last three years or so. It has been a tumultuous time for the company like Facebook as a platform is also seeing a downfall. Although it has killed its competition by buying its immediate rivals. That being said, Facebook, even after going through so much is strong and this shows how solid its base is.

The man behind all this solidity at Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. He has created this massive organization which once was just a mere website. He has been through it all. It was his stubbornness and his grit that has got the company where it is today. There has been a lot of speculation about his performances in recent times. The investors are not happy with how the company is faring in the US and around the world as well. There have been hefty fines and the reparations given to some of the countries not long ago.

There was this huge political scandal that took place which the whole world is aware of. There is the data security scandal and then there is a scandal of letting other companies into private messages for personalization purposes. All these things and the stubbornness of Mark Zuckerberg is leading to something extraordinary. Investors, according to the stockholder proposals, eight in all, have some stupendous revelations to make.

One of the proposals is named as ‘Stockholder Proposal Regarding and Independent Chair’. This tells us that the investors are working hard to bring in a person not to help Mark Zuckerberg but to replace him. There are rumors that the investors have already found and hired the replacement. That being said, Mark Zuckerberg’s tenure as the chairman of Facebook might come to an end. That said, the shareholder meeting is scheduled for 30th May.

It is going to be a difficult problem to face for Mark this time around. The reason for the same is Facebook’s inability to curb the data leaks and all the scandals that were going around for almost three years. There was no stop to it and the investors might have seen enough of it. There might just be a Steve Jobs like ousting of Mark Zuckerberg as the investors are really behind it.

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