MacBook Prices Drop As The Sale Begins From Later This Week

Apple MacBook with iPhone and a camera

Apple in India is a different beast but it is sleeping as of now. The reason is the pricing of the products. We can see that people want to buy Apple products because of the fantastic software and the amazing designs but the problem with the Apple phones and the products is that the company has not thought about the pricing at all. Only the older versions of the products are manufactured in India and the newest designs are nowhere to be seen in the plants. This is where everything gets a bit foggy for the company in India.

Apple has always been one of the dream companies for tech geeks in India. People want to buy Apple products but if we put the price in perspective, Apple iPhone Xs Max comes at a price where you can buy two Honda Activa scooters. This is how expensive the phones are and the MacBook are somewhat priced better if we consider them in the category of laptops.

Talking about MacBook, the company has imposed itself and has decided to make some distinct changes to the MacBook coming in India this year. The laptops prices have always been higher and there is no doubt about it, however, pricing them similar to last year or even lesser is a task Apple might have managed this time.

MacBook is faster and smoother than ever

MacBook has seen some major changes this year. The users are looking at a Touch Bar an updated Intel Core processor along with a butterfly keyboard. The tech giant from Cupertino is saying that the MacBook will be faster than ever and smoother as well. The processor they have used is the Intel Core i9 octa-core processor. This is obviously a high-end model which will cost significantly higher than the model with Intel i7 6-core processor which is 2.2 GHz with a Turbo Boost up to 4.1 GHz.

Along with all these changes in the 15-inch MacBook this year, there are some significant changes to the 13-inch MacBook as well. The company is looking to give the users a Touch Bar in the 13-inch MacBook with quad-core Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors with up to 2.7GHz clock speed.

The pricing of the models is different but the 15-inch model will be starting at a price of INR 1,59,000 and INR 1,99,000 respectively. This price is around INR 10 thousand to INR 25 thousand lower than the previous versions of the MacBook. That being said, these MacBooks will be available at the Apple Authorized Resellers from the coming weekend.

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