Mac is No More as Safe as it was Few Years Ago

Apple Desktop, Tablet, Bluetooth Keyboard and Laptop on a table

Phishing attacks reaching macOS user looks to have more than doubled in the current year, this point about the on-going vulnerability of Macs has been revealed by antivirus firm Kaspersky, which just published a report claiming that phishing attacks on Mac users could double from their 2018 rates by the end of this year.

In the first half of this year, around 1.6 million phishing attacks attempting to fool people into using their Apple ID credentials to log in to a fake Apple website were detected by a security company

A phishing attack is one where a malicious actor attempts to trick you into giving away sensitive information — for example, by sending you an email masquerading as an Apple message and asking for your Apple ID login info, which can then be used to make fraudulent purchases.

It’s difficult for an attacker to install a virus in macOS, so the vast majority of malware, malicious apps targeted at Macs is adware. These fake apps do things like hijack browsers to display ads from hacker ad networks instead of the normal ads running on the sites visited. These can also change a browser’s homepage and the default search engine.

It’s a commonly held belief that Macs are immune to malware. But while the risk of attack for Apple’s computers is much less than that faced by their Windows counterparts, they can still be compromised and infected.

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