Love is in the air, well not for everyone; rest assured, AI is here to help you

Who are you spending your Valentine’s Day with? Glad you asked, I am spending it with my beloved keyboard and the wandering thoughts, trying to make sense through words and sentences. Love is such a misconception in today’s world, it is jammed into the narrow vision of something called society. Love is something which is unique for everybody, everyone has their own definition of love. And that is the reason we don’t have a proper definition of love; because there are 7 billion of them.

Try and visualize the people who loved fifty years ago, apart from the expansive misogyny and deep-rooted patriarchy, the love of those days was without any technology. There were landlines shared by 20 families and having a partner was a thing of hard work. Imagine calling on a landline shared by 20 families and asking for your partner; god forbid the lover in case of a namesake. Love in those days was through letters written on paper rather than on screens. It was inked and savored for life, unlike today when a typed message is backspaced along with the thoughts behind it.

Technology has literally changed the way we love. Today, people love each other through phone calls and text messages, some of them haven’t even seen their significant other in flesh. People of those days met after weeks and enjoyed every moment while today people fight over a delayed text message. It was easy back then, you just had to glance at a girl and if there was any sort of eye contact, you knew if there was love or not. Today we have to first dress up nicely, apply kilograms of makeup, click a nice picture, upload it on Tinder and have a fantastic opening message. That is just too much work to do… and then get rejected. To be honest Mr. Valentine must be so angry right now that he would definitely swipe the whole world left.

However, technology has also done a lot of good things for love. Internet and mobile phones have brought the world closer. This literally means that we can love someone coming from a completely alien place. This has even brought a lot of cultural acceptance, people are going beyond religion, race and every other factor of discrimination just for the sake of true love and this is possible because of technology and the advances that have happened in it.

Technology has also helped people come out of their shell and understand equality. Love is also about equality and the awareness that has been spread through social media. It would not be possible if there was no internet and all those fancy devices around. Like a coin, even technology has two sides and these are the two sides of technology that had an effect on something as profound as love.

Fifty years from now, another naïve mind would be scribbling on his computer talking how love was expressed by people themselves through text messages back then. He would be cribbing about how people are using robots to express their love and Artificial Intelligence powered applications are finding them the perfect match. Artificial

Technology is something which is not going to stop for us, it is going to evolve but we have to evolve with it. We have to understand that a basic emotion of love cannot be tampered with, sometimes the old ways are the best ways. After all, love is like wine, it tastes better as time passes.

-Unmesh Phule


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