LinkSpace, a Chinese space startup winning hearts with their shoebox size satellites

A rocket launching into space

Space technology is a field which is still a curious case for a normal human being. However, for people in technology, it is a case of extreme excitement as the innovations and the improvements in the space tech are getting better and better. Space is going to be a location for a vacation in the coming years, which is just insane.

Space tech is not going to be slow in growing it is already exploding and a lot of experiments are happening behind closed doors. However, China is getting into a technology which is going to burst onto the scene within a couple of years. Right now, the companies that make the satellites also launch them. They are huge and need rockets that don’t come back once they take flight. However, much like the SpaceX program of Tesla, there is a Chinese startup led by a young 26-year-old entrepreneur, changing the game altogether.

Hu Zhenyu, a youngster is leading a Space startup in China named LinkSpace. LinkSpace specializes in launching the rockets, bringing them back and landing; something SpaceX, a Tesla initiative is also doing. His company recently launched a prototype named NewLine Baby last week, it took off successfully but while landing hovered 40 meters in the air. However, after 30 seconds of hovering, the Newline Baby successfully landed on the concrete launch pad.

After landing successfully for the second time in as many months, you could see a jubilant Hu Zhenyu cartwheeling towards the concrete launch pad. The happiness of the crew was sky bound and their rockets were reaching beyond that. It was a moment to cherish alright. The company has not seen a lot of hay days but it is starting to win the hearts with its achievement and is moving on towards making global news.

LinkSpace focuses on a niche market at the moment. It is going to launch inexpensive small satellites via its 27-foot long rockets. The whole business of LinkSpace is based on affordability, it is going to launch small satellites which are coming into the market slowly. The satellites are as small as a shoebox and they are going to burst onto the scene in a few years and LinkSpace is preparing to launch all these satellites into space.

In the near future, China is expecting a lot of commercial satellites being launched. Universities performing experiments will have some satellites orbiting the earth while companies trying to provide high-speed in-flight internet will also need satellites on the edge of the world. This is where companies like LinkSpace will come into play.

The future in the dark space is bright while everything floats in space, startups like LinkSpace will fly. Everything seems gloomy at the moment as there are major companies trying to break into space but companies like LinkSpace give us hope and help us believe that an idea is enough to be successful in the world as big as our imagination.

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