LG’s Transparent OLED TVs are a Step Ahead


LG is back at the OLED game again with its transparent OLED TVs launching in the US market. US is one of the largest TV markets in the world especially because it is the largest economy in the world and also the technological advancements. TVs make up a large part of the time spent on among the Americans.

LG is one of the largest consumer electronics and consumer durables manufacturer in the world. The brand also enjoys a high level of reputation among the customers. The highest-grossing product of the company is its TV lineup. LG has been a pioneer in many TV technologies but one of the most significant of them is the OLED technology.

OLED TVs were a significant upgrade from the earlier IPS LCD panels. However, the constant urge to innovate and make better or at least newer products pushed the company to conduct more research in the OLED panel sector. This resulted in a new feature that was just mind-blowing, i.e. Transparent OLED TV Panels.

According to TVTechnology website, LG is planning to take a few major steps shortly:

1. Increase its OLED TV Panel production by 2 times.
2. Launch its 8K OLED TVs in the upcoming IFA event in Berlin in September.
3. Planning to Launch NanoCell Technology TVs that support AirPlay 2, HomeKit and Alexa Support.
4. Dropping the prices of OLED TVs by 30-40%.

Some of the above-mentioned steps have already been taken in some places but will be implemented over larger markets soon. This is an attempt to popularise its OLED TV Panels. Moreover, its is also an attempt to have an upper hand in the TV industry where the new Chinese TV manufacturers are sweeping in rapidly.

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