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LG’s latest innovation in the TV market will blow your mind

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LG, a South Korean giant which specializes in innovation more than anything else. It has a lot of innovations up its sleeves. LG has always been a company that will do something out of the ordinary and wins the hearts. The fact that it has won over the Indian white goods market shows the quality of their products as well. It has surpassed a lot of its competitors in the sub-continent region. However, every bit of its success has been under the white goods umbrella.

The innovative tag of the company almost cost the company its smartphone business. There were a lot of smartphones which looked different than the trendy ones and had a different feel to it with the latest technology, sadly they weren’t accepted by the consumers. LG has been outstandingly courageous though. Given that they have got their smartphone business back on track and are not experimenting in any way there.

That said, an innovative company never loses its way of working. It is always finding some new technological advancements and acting on it. That said, the company has now started to reinvent its OLED television sets. In the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show, LG demoed its first ever rolling television. It was mesmerizing, to say the least.

The television rolls into its base and rolls out of it just by a tap on its remote. This stole the show at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. There are clouds surrounding this rollable television’s launch as the price range is extremely high. However, the company claims that it will launch this premium television in the South Korean market by the end of 2019. It will launch the TV in other markets later after checking the response in the Korean market.

The price of this TV was not revealed, however, the specs were somewhat known. It is a 65 inch OLED TV and the cost of this is very high for the market to accept it at the moment. It is working on models of different sizes and the same mechanism. LG Electronics President Kwon Bong-Seok revealed that the material cost of the TV doesn’t increase, it is an operating mechanism that increases the entire cost.

The company is working towards different applications of the same. It is looking at smaller rollable panels and different applications of the same. The base can be anywhere, it can be on the ceiling or on the ground. There are a lot of ways this technology can be used.

That said, the company has cracked another technological advancement and has provided the whole world another avenue in the television market. LG doing what it does best; innovating, reinventing and winning.

– Unmesh Phule

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