LG To Roll Out Lineup Of 8K and 4K NanoCell TV In 2020

LG just revealed pricing and availability of its lineup for 2020, from affordable LCDs and NanoCell screens to premium OLED televisions, and a select few are already available in the US and now the UK too. The Korean electronics company is largely known for being the primary manufacturer of OLED panels – meaning you can thank it for the OLED TVs sold by Sony and Panasonic, too – and LG is continuing that legacy with a host of new OLEDs that iterate and improve on what’s gone before.

LG announced details on 12 new models, including an 86-inch class Nano90 4K TV (a CES 2020 Innovation Award winner) and a Nano99 8K series that features both 75-inch and 65-inch models. The 86-inch display is available immediately, with the 8K screens set for May and June of this year.

These NanoCell TVs are LCD-based displays that, according to an LG press release, use a layer of 1-nanometer-sized particles to provide more accurate color reproduction.

Both the Nano99 series and the Nano90 4K series will implement full-array local dimming designed to divide backlighting into small sections for more precise control and to improve black levels and overall contrast. Both series, as well as the Nano85 and Nano 81 series, will support all major HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

They will all support Dolby Atmos as well, plus a number of traits focused on improving the viewing experience of movies, sports, and games. The entire NanoCell lineup will have voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in.

Support for AirPlay2 and HomeKit is included too, and an LG TV wouldn’t be the same without its webOS Smart TV platform. Roku-powered TVs by the likes of TCL may have one of our favorite operating systems, but the webOS found in LGs is plenty functional with supported apps like Apple TV, Disney+ and Netflix.

Pricing and availability of each model.

8K NanoCell TVs: LG Nano99 Series, 75-inch – 75NANQ99UNA: May 2020, $4,999 and 65-inch – 65NAN099UNA: June 2020, $3,499.

4K NanoCell TVs: LG Nano90 Series, 86-inch – 86NANO90UNA: Available now, $3,299, 75-inch – 75NANO90UNA: May 2020, $2,499, 65-inch – 65NAN9O0UNA: May 2020, $1,499, 55 -inch – 55NANO90UNA: April 2020, $1,049.

LG Nano85 Series: 75-inch – 75NANO85UNA: September 2020, Price TBA, 65-inch – 65NANO85UNA: April 2020, $1,199, 55-inch – 55NANO85: May 2020, $849, 49-inch – 49NANO85UNA: Available now, $649.

LG Nano81 Series: 65-inch – 65NANO81ANA: April 2020, $899, 55-inch – 55NANO81ANA: $599.

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