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LG Launches Updated Line Of Wi-Fi-Enabled, Smart QuadWash Dishwashers

As people spend more time at home, households are using dishwashers more than ever. Designed for advanced cleaning and flexible capacity, the updated line of Wi-Fi-enabled, smart LG QuadWash dishwashers feature Dynamic Dry technology to help eliminate water spots and drying by hand, and they are certified by experts to sanitize dishes, glasses, and more.1 Plus, LG models with TrueSteam are the only in the industry to deliver two separate blasts of real steam from powerful steam jets for better cleaning and drying that eliminates water spots by up to 60 percent.

LG’s exclusive QuadWash technology gets dishes clean the first time with four powerful spray arms instead of the standard two. Its Multi-Motion arms rotate back and forth while spinning to power-clean dishes from multiple angles throughout the entire cycle – saving users the time and headache of having to prewash or rewash dishes by hand.

Dynamic Dry technology built into all LG dishwashers delivers faster, more complete drying of dishes, glasses, utensils, containers and more so they are ready for storage or your table right off the rack. Dynamic Dry enhanced with TrueSteam (models LDP6810, LDP7808, LDT7808), transforms the power of steam into ultimate drying for 60 percent fewer water spots for sparkling glassware and more — no more wasting time and effort wiping spotty glasses by hand.

LG TrueSteam delivers two separate blasts of real steam for better cleaning and drying. The four powerful steam jets on the door, plus additional jets on the interior top and bottom, deliver powerful steam at the start of the cycle to penetrate caked-on foods while LG QuadWash powers through debris leaving no trace behind so you can skip the sink with no pre-rinsing needed. In the end, steam helps super-heat the interior for drier, sparkling dishes, and glassware.

With sanitization a priority, LG dishwashers enable users to clean and sanitize with confidence. All 2020 models are certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to reduce bacteria on dishes by 99.99 percent and reach a final rinse temperature greater than 150°F when operated on the steam cycle of TrueSteam models or the High Temp Cycle of other LG dishwashers.

The height-adjustable third rack holds more items so users save time and wash fewer loads – and it’s perfect for everything from flatware and long-handled utensils to small espresso cups (models LDP6810, LDP7808, LDT7808, LDP6797). The adjustable main upper rack makes short work of after-dinner cleanup. Three height settings adjust effortlessly and smoothly to make room for tall stemware on top or oversize pans below. Plus, the customizable tines offer more flexibility for loading large platters, bowls, and pots without compromising performance.


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