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LG Introduces Smart Range Of Refrigerator With ‘Knock On’ InstaView Technology And AI

LG unveiled new refrigerator models at IFA 2020, improved InstaVie Door-in-Door refrigerator with UVnano, updated LG Fridge and Freezer pair, and the latest InstaView ThinQ refrigerator. Adding to an already comprehensive list of features, these new kitchen appliance models demonstrate LG’s commitment to giving consumers more choice and helping them to live their best hygienic, culinary lives.

LG’s newest kitchen innovation uses the power of light to improve health and hygiene. LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator with UVnano utilizes ultraviolet LED light technology to disinfect the water dispenser outlets once every hour (or anytime manually) to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses.

Featuring LINEAR Cooling and DoorCooling+, the InstaView creates optimal conditions for fresher food. LINEAR Cooling minimizes temperature fluctuations – the primary culprit of food spoilage, for more precise control, while DoorCooling+ evenly cools the entire refrigerator by distributing powerful airflow from strategically placed vents.3 An ice maker located in the freezer drawer produces Craft Ice, two-inch spherical ice balls that melt slowly to keep beverages cooler longer while making drinks look great.

Updated for 2020, LG Fridge and Freezer pair is designed to fit easily into standard kitchen cabinetry for a clean, minimalist look. Their flat door design and zero-clearance hinges are ideal for installing right next to a wall for a seamless, built-in appearance. These units also feature linear Cooling and DoorCooling as well as Metal Fresh, a metallic finish applied to the rear interior wall to add a touch of premium elegance.

Featuring LG’s newest consumer-centric AI platform, the latest LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator makes ingredient management, food shopping, cooking, and even cleaning up a whole lot simpler. Any item placed inside or removed from the refrigerator is automatically tracked via LG’s advanced visual recognition technology. Powered by AI Connect, it can offer owners tasty meal suggestions based on the inventory of the food items, inform the water purifier how much water is required to prepare a meal, set a connected oven to the right cooking temperature based on the recipe, and even choose the optimal wash cycle for the dishwasher based on the meal. LG InstaView ThinQ also features LINEAR Cooling, DoorCooling+, and Metal Fresh.

With more Americans cooking at home than ever, LG Electronics USA is helping provide meal inspiration and faster, more convenient prep with the introduction of the industry’s first line of smart ranges to offer the exclusive LG InstaView knock on technology plus Air Fry.

“Our newest refrigerators deliver extended food freshness and unmatched convenience allowing consumers to enjoy the culinary life they deserve,” said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We are expanding options for customers in order that they can find the best kitchen solution to match their needs and lifestyles.”

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