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LG Doing What It Does Best; Winning Multiple Awards For Sustainable Products

LG logo with its TV advertisement

LG, a South Korean brand has been a revelation in many fields. It has always been one of the biggest and the boldest brands out there. The innovation and invention of LG have been of great help to the technological community. It has always broken the basic rules of business for the greater good of technology and that is the reason why it is one of the leading companies which has given us so many groundbreaking products.

LG, previously known as Goldstar, has been outstanding at guessing the market trends and hit them at the right time. The South Korean company has been nothing short of brilliance in the past decades or so. They have always been instances where the companies have over improvised and that has caused them. Sometimes they have innovated and brought products which were too ahead of their time and sometimes they have over corrected those products which failed because they were a bit behind.

Given the nature of the company, there have been ups and there have been downs. However, LG is not about one product in one category, it is about a hundred products in a hundred categories. It is about every home appliance product out there, it is a world leader in that category. It might get its smartphones wrong but never has LG failed to bring out products that have failed in the home appliance sector.

Today, it received an award for something which is essential in today’s day and age. Today we need to battle the global warming problems with as much intensity as we tackle our daily problems. And LG did the same with their Air Conditioners. The company brought out the product which fulfilled the meaning of sustainability. And for that, the company received an award for a room air conditioner technology that delivered a 40% improvement in technology. LG was awarded the highest honors in the Smart Climate Control subcategory. This was all because of the company’s DUAL Inverter Compressor.

This is not the first time LG has been awarded something like this. In the US, it was honored with the 2019 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Awards. While bringing out fantastic products, the company is also taking care of the environment. This is where it is winning and winning big. These awards might not be huge news for the consumers but it gives us trusts and the consumers can rely on the feasibility of the sustainability LG products claim.

At this moment, mother earth needs more products from LG and it needs more creativity in that field from other companies. Fellow companies should follow LG’s footsteps and bring out such products which win hearts and do good of the world, rather than just aiming for sales with eye-catching specifications.

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