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LG Displays Its Rich Culture During A UNESCO Exhibition


LG is a company which has a lot of potentials when it comes to smartphones but it is one of the biggest companies when it comes to home appliances. The South Korean company has believed in one thing and in one way through which they have come to a place where they cannot lose anymore. The company innovates so much because it can afford to. It loves taking risks with its products and it has never taken failure as a failure but always like a step towards success.

LG, however, is doing something different with its latest Wallpaper TV or OLED TV W as it is known officially. It has been displayed at the 10-day event of UNESCO where it is displaying the rich culture of South Korea. The culture LG is displaying is called as Chasu which the unique way of doing embroidery. The company is doing this with the help of fantastic wallpapers. It is displaying around 100 embroidery designs through 100 brilliant wallpapers. UNESCO and LG, both are trying to capture the rich culture of Korea when it comes to embroidery.

This is one of the initiatives where the company is projecting its rich Korean culture. There are many such occasions where the company has managed to do the same. The embroidery designs are from a famous Korean artist Lee Jung-sook. The wallpapers are all her designs. The people visiting the exhibition can enjoy her work extensively. There is a whole spectrum of her work on display and when it is showcased on that fantastic display of LG then it is just outstanding.

That being said, TV is an anticipated product which is on display. The South Korean company is one of the biggest in the world and the TV market is also flooded by its products. That being said, it has some strong competition from China’s TCL and Korea’s Samsung. Also, it has some major competition from the Japanese company Sony.

There are a lot of things LG is doing right when it comes to home appliances, however, it has a lot of potentials to win in that market as well. That will happen when the company will decide to stop innovating and just go with what works. Although it refuses to do so and is going to work in the direction in it believes.

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