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LG Develop A Chip To Integrate AI And Home Appliances

LG Smartphones

LG, a South Korean company which has made big on the basis of its innovative ideas. The company has been in the news for its extravagant products. LG has a long history of failed products and these products have one reason in common; all of them came before their time. That being said, the company has been working on something called integrating Artificial Intelligence with the home appliance. This is not the first time someone has thought of it but there is a catch to this. Hang around.

LG has ideas and all companies have ideas but the way LG execute those ideas is like no other company. The company has been a prey of their own ideas and this is also true. However, this new idea of integrating Artificial Intelligence and the home appliance is right on the money and the timing is also perfect. This comes when the home appliance market is going to see a boom.

The chip that connects it all

LG has developed a chip that is going to go in home appliances such as robot cleaners. The chip is embedded with the Neural Engine which is also developed by LG. The company also made clear that it uses deep learning algorithms. This chip is going to protect the data instead of handing it on a platter to the big companies. The way of doing this is that, it will allow the devices to work without a network connection and if there is no network connection, stealing or giving the data is kind of not possible.

That being said, the chip will allow the devices to identify places, locations, objects, and people in videos as well. It is quite interesting when you look at it from a neutral point of view but it is creepy as well. However, this is how it is going to be in the future, this is how the world is going to function in the future. There are going to be cameras everywhere watching you and there is going to be a privacy issue all the time.

However, LG’s chip is going to make our lives easier with all of that. That being said, LG continues to struggle in the smartphone market as it is the testing the deep pockets of the South Korean company, meanwhile its home appliance products are reaping record profits with all those new ideas and innovations being welcomed.


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