LG and Microsoft to collaborate and change the self-driving industry together

LG Smartphones

LG, a South Korean giant has been working within the field of Autonomous cars for some time now. The white goods company also is known for its smartphones has been doing a good job in all the departments. The work of LG in the field of an autonomous vehicle is totally in the software department. It does not make cars or vehicles of its own but is developing a future self-driving software. They have been working relentlessly for the same.

In that case, the time has come for LG to grow and collaborate with some of the major companies. This is because the company cannot create everything of their own and need to accommodate some of the things from other companies. Some technologies are best to develop when two companies collaborate on the technological level and this is what is happening with LG. LG is going to collaborate with Microsoft and use their Azure cloud and also their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

This will help LG’s cause to a great extent. This is because LG is going to use Microsoft’s advanced Artificial Intelligence to develop its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Driver Status Monitoring Camera (DSM) and also to the Multiple Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator. The infotainment system is going to be majorly influenced by this AI technology.

The Azure Data Box system will play a major role in this. That is because whatever data it will collect from the road will be directly uploaded to the database of the self-driving software. This will be a major update as from this data the system can be smarter and faster by the day. Azure is borrowed by LG to act as a catalyst. This will help LG’s self-driving software to learn, understand things better and quicker than it is currently doing. Microsoft’s cloud services are immense and LG’s self-driving infotainment system, when coupled with Azure can find the breakthrough required in this field.

That said, the infotainment system can help drivers know the conditions around them and tell them detailed information about the traffic. It will also allow the driver to find restaurants which are nearby or play their favorite songs. Apart from this the system also will be able to make calls with just voice commands.

This collaboration is going to quicken the process of self-driving technology. It will help the entire industry rather than just LG and Microsoft according to Kim Jin-yong who is the President of LG Vehicle Component Solutions Company.

-Unmesh Phule

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