LG and Lumi Join Hands to Offer Smart Home Services

LG Smart

The South Korean electronics giant LG and China’s largest IoT company Lumi have announced that they will be working together in an attempt to offer products that are immersive and smart. These products will enhance the standard of living of the users and lead them to a smarter life.
Lumi was founded in 2009 in Shenzen. This is one of the most technologically advanced regions in China and is also a huge trade hub due to its status of a Special Economic Zone. The brand is popular for its expertise in IoT devices and sensors. The sensors made by the company are used by many big and small companies. For instance, their temperature and humidity sensors are very popular. LG can benefit fro using these sensors in their AC lineup and offer a more immersive experience to the AC users.
Lumi also makes door sensors to notify the users if their home door is open or not. Such sensors can be used in the homes to know if there is any major opening such as doors, windows or vents that might negatively affect the AC performance. Moreover, LG has been installing Wi-Fi in their smart home appliances since 2017. The advent of new technologies and high-speed internet will further boost smart device penetration in the global market.
The growth of technology in the internet and smart devices sector has given rose to a new segment called the smart homes. Technologies that were initially stuck with the youth and consumer electronics, has now seeped into the home appliances and started appealing the older generations as well. Nowadays, the home appliances are getting smart and to sustain them the companies to need to offer smart home services as well. This will ensure a smooth experience for the users. Interestingly, the convenience of usage is given a higher priority than most other features of a product especially in terms of smart devices.
LG is a name that has become synonymous with home appliances. It is one of the largest technology powerhouses from South Korea and also one of the best in the world. The company has proved its mettle in the consumer durable sector with its televisions outselling every other product. However, traditional television sales are witnessing major downfall as the smart televisions start conquering the global markets.
The spread of smart devices in almost all the markets around the world can be attributed to the fact that internet usage has increased manifolds. The more internet the people are using, the demand for smart devices rises accordingly. In fact, the upcoming 5G technologies are actually targetted at the Internet of Things and smart home appliances. Telecommunications peaked with the advent of 4G itself and became extremely efficient. The arrival of 5G would surely be beneficial for the telecommunications sector but the maximum benefits would be reaped by only the consumer durables and consumer electronics sector. The smartphone would not change much with the arrival of the technology but the consumer durables market will see innovations never thought of before.
LG has also developed its own AI chip that has an in-house neural engine that can be used in the smart home appliances by the company. This will not only improve the already known features of the appliances, but it will also bring new features to the appliances such as voice control, internet connection, commands over the internet via smartphone and many more.
The collaboration with Lumi is very much in LG’s favour as it will strengthen their hold on the electronics market. On one side, the sales of LG’s TVs dipped despite bringing in new technologies to the table. The reason is affordable and more value for money offerings from other companies. The smartphone division of LG is a major loss-making one. On the other hand, the company is performing good in the home appliances department. This is logically the right decision for the company to focus on its home appliance market and create a niche. The smart home services that Lumi will help LG to offer will be a great addition to the company’s line-up.

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