Lenovo’s Difficult is Not in its Mind

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Lenovo avoided the ‘discontinued’ threat but failed to block the long lines. Huawei suffered unreasonable suppression, but it has harvested countless hearts. The “Yu Youkou” and “Heart of Heart” are actually the same people.

The so-called ‘transfer capacity to countries that are not affected by tariffs’ or ‘avoiding chip research and development’ and so on; what kind of signal is being transmitted to the outside world? Is it a kind of show that you can safely play when most companies are under pressure? For a time, the entire network was evoked by Lenovo.

It seems that what Lenovo said is wrong, even when it is not open, the opening will be shackled. This made Lenovo’s brand image more turbulent and once again became the target of the whole network.

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Lenovo Australia

The same is true for two international companies. How can the treatment be so different? The cause of the incident still has to mention the ‘5G voting gate’. For whatever reason, Lenovo did not vote for Huawei. This has set off a national criticism of Lenovo. The adjectives of those denunciations are too sensitive. I will not repeat them one by one.

In the face of anger, the later Lenovo also made various explanations, and even some people were told to go to court, but this did not prevent the masses from making a round of criticism. Instead, Lenovo’s practice was even more important to the general public.

Why are the people so angry because they can’t understand Lenovo, why can’t they get used to it?

“The reason why you can’t get used to it is that you look different than what I want to see.” This sentence is somewhat circling, but it illustrates the problem. I will probably explain it. I need to mention Huawei again here.

Huawei is one of the developers of the 5G network. It can equalize the level of technology with the top international communications company Qualcomm. It is this ability that will inspire a strong national pride in the hearts of the Chinese people.

And even if the core technology supply is cut off, it can still reverse the passive situation with its own technology precipitation and alternatives, which are often titled, heroes. In fact, with this ability has become most people’s hearts a yearning, longing for the kind even at risk can still stay a hero.

Huawei’s performance just caters to everyone’s expectations. Huawei’s approach is precisely the product of their inner expectation of turning to reality. This phenomenon will not be obvious in normal times, but it will inspire a feeling of homeland at a critical moment.

Yes, Huawei is what people want to see, or the ‘enterprise and engineers’ who like Huawei’s underlying technology research and development make people look more comfortable, and Lenovo just became the opposite. People don’t want to see it, just because of 5G voting?

No, it is just an introduction. Through this introduction, the two different paths between Huawei and Lenovo are revealed. The situation is different, or the situation is different or ‘Lenovo is difficult today, not in its own way’.

‘The lack of core and less soul has always been a hurdle in the heart of Chinese enterprises. Some enterprises have always insisted on swaying this ‘can’, but from the perspective of Lenovo’s development, they always try to circumvent this hurdle. Some people may say that they are both Chinese enterprises. Why should they be at the same time? Suspected, the people of their own devalued their national enterprises? Standing on the profit-seeking side of the businessman, Lenovo may be right, but Comrade Mao Zedong also said that ‘the eyes of the masses are bright’.

Lenovo seems to put more emphasis on whether its own interests are damaged, such as the previous public statement: Lenovo can transfer production capacity to countries that are not affected by tariffs. Lenovo can of course transfer production capacity (or production line) to any country or region at any time, but is this the way or mentality you have to deal with crises and challenges? It is really hard to agree that the top 500 companies must avoid making a living.

Perhaps Lenovo can only make such a choice now. Maybe he knows the importance of becoming a technology leader to the enterprise. However, the development path that has been cultivated over the years has become inertia, and even its own heart is hard to come by.

Compared with the technology, I feel that this ‘can’ is even more difficult.

The “Trade and Industry” route that Lenovo has been following has expanded its capital and occupied the market in the past 20 years. In the following years, this set of trade martial arts is even more tempered. It used to be said that it occupied the market and now it is down. It is more like being “kidnapped” by the market, but it is not exhausting for such kidnapping associations. Because the ‘fetching’ is that is effortless can make money faster and more worry-free.

In the face of such a large market temptation, if you can effortlessly rely on “tokenism” (purchasing core components) in exchange for profits, from the objective point of view, Lenovo’s choice is no problem, at that time it seems that trade is knocking open the international market. The door complied with the overall environment at the time. However, such a choice has not been thought of to change today. What is even more frightening is that this kind of mentality has already taken root in Lenovo, and it has become a path dependence that can’t be ruined. It is even sadder.

Since it is possible to lie down and make money, why should we do the laborious and unpleasant research and development of the chore, and from the perspective of humanity’s advantage and avoidance, Lenovo’s approach seems to be logically impossible.

However, such a route seems to be growing step by step. In fact, it is gradually losing its fighting power in the greenhouse. If you walk out of the warm shed, you will not be able to withstand any wind and rain. It can only be a “duckweed” without roots. When the wind blows over there, it falls to the side. In the fierce commercial competition, it lacks strength and has no active advantage.

Many netizens said that they would no longer accept Lenovo products because they could see the beliefs and responsibilities on their products. There is nothing wrong with business profitability. Lenovo’s development has benefited from the use of the doctrine, but it may also be subject to the use of doctrine, especially in view of today.

R&D is boring, and it is difficult to realize it quickly. It takes even a few generations of energy, but can it be a reason not to do it? Since there is the strength to bear, why not slow down the pace of profit-seeking, and slap the road under your feet, and then move forward?

Doing technology research and development is not the same as doing the market, but also injecting a sentimental feeling and a heart of the heart. Perhaps it is a responsibility to the state that may be an account of oneself.

But I don’t know if Lenovo’s trade globalization, which disdains technical support, will follow the same path as in the past 20 years. If Lenovo still wants to continue to respond to international competition or challenges with this attitude, I am afraid it is hard to say the future.

-Shuimu (Blue Technology)

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