Lenovo Commencing IT Solutions Business

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Computer and electronics giant Lenovo, on Tuesday, said it expanding its business into end-to-end IT solutions for enterprises. The company, which is number one PC and tablet seller in India, said it will start providing internet of things (IoT) solutions also, apart from the existing business of personal computers.

“We are moving from a device company to a device-plus-solution company. Our current sales team cannot handle this. We have on-boarded two new people for the new vertical and will gradually build the team. We are not looking to bag 100 deals but we are looking for few installations to prove ourselves, to begin with,” Lenovo India Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Rahul Agarwal told PTI.

The company has now divided its business into three segments — smarter devices, smart workplaces, and smarter businesses. “New leg, smarter businesses, has nothing to do with PCs (personal computers). They will provide vertical solutions. Under this, we will offer an end-to-end solution. This will be a solution-centric approach,” Agarwal added.

Recently Lenovo has unveiled the ThinkPad T490, ThinkPad P43 and ThinkPad P1 (Gen2) business laptops in India. According to market research firm IDC, Lenovo led the PC market in the April-June period with 46% share, followed by HP (22%) and Dell (14%). The company has started expansion on similar lines in some of the leading markets, including the US, China, Germany and some other parts of Europe.

On one hand, Lenovo is performing good in the laptop business and is currently one of the largest laptop sellers on the planet. However, the need to diversify its business was necessary to stay relevant in future.

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