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LEADER’s Smart Washing Machine: Caters to People’s Need for Voice Controlled Appliance

Leader Washing Machine

‘Washing’ is no more the only standard on a smart washing machine. How to conveniently operate, scientifically care for clothing, and even change the way of life of users through technological upgrading is the “new responsibility” given to the washing machine by the changing times and users’ requirements.

As the pioneer of “light fashion appliances”, Leader’s newly released smart washing machine – Leader 2 has been welcomed by young people in terms of design, technology application and practical functions. Leader smart washing machine evaluation: cater to young people’s need for voice controlled appliances

Lightweight and Stylish Design

‘Technology’ is the first impression left by the Leader 2 smart washing machine. Green large window design is not only highly dynamic but it takes in large load of clothes, so that the colour value and practical usage go together.

The porcelain-inspired white body gives a simple, clean visual experience, and can be easily matched with various styles of home design, making it more accessible to young families.

Voice Control and Effort

The Leader 2 smart washing machine has voice control features that young people like. With the built-in AI smart voice system, the user’s voice commands can be recognized regardless of whether the washing machine is online or offline.

For example, when the user washes the denim, you can directly call the washing machine, “Hi, you help me choose the denim program”. The Leader smart washing machine can personally set the parameters such as water temperature, speed and turn-by ratio to help users save. At the same time of time and operation process, it can also protect the denim from discolouration and deformation.

Exclusive Craft Care Clothing

The Leader 2 smart washing machine protects the user’s clothing with a unique craft. In terms of internal construction, the Leader 2 smart washing machine uses a laser to seamlessly weld the inner tube, and there is no solder joint at the solder joint to prevent scratching the clothes.

Elastic rib inner tube, evenly distributed 128 elastic ribs, like the speed bump on the road, has a bumpy effect, can effectively peel off the stains on the clothes, make the clothes cleaner and fluffy; more comfortable to wear.

The unique cradle soft washing program uses FPA direct drive motor drive to precisely control the washing angle and give gentle care to the cradle of silk and other fabrics.

Open the cover, the silver-coloured inner tube of the Leader 2 washing machine is like a vast universe, giving people a sense of history and technology. The biggest difference with other washing machine inner cylinders is that the space is very large, and when the inner tube is touched by hand, the material feels very delicate and soft, and there is no damage to the silk clothing.

Leader smart washing machine evaluation: cater to young people’s needs, voice control

The Highest Level of Laundry Health

The Leader 2 smart washing machine also has the highest level of healthy laundry.

Usually, washing machines are mostly placed in damp environments such as bathrooms or kitchens. The drawback of long-term use in such an environment is that the rubber window mat will become mouldy, breed bacteria, and produce odour after 1-3 years of use.

After the global research by Leader, I found that European users in the birthplace of the drum washing machine have such complaints.

Therefore, when the designer designed this smart washing machine, he fully considered this phenomenon. In order to reduce mould and bacteria and other hazardous products, Leader and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly researched and invented the AMT anti-mould and antibacterial window mat.

The antibacterial rate is greater than 99%, and the mildew resistance grade is the highest grade 0. At the same time, the 3D spray function completely removes the foam residue and prevents secondary pollution of the clothes.

Leader Washing Machine 2
[BlueTechnology: Leader Washing Machine 2]
Regardless of the circumstances, the common purpose of the Leader 2 smart washing machine for everyone is healthy washing. True care does not matter to each other, but with the eyes that are good at discovering and capturing consumer demand and then creating a product for the demand.

The Leader 2 smart washing machine is the kind that can make people calm down and be willing to enjoy the washing machine process.

– Li Qiang [Blue Technology]

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