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Kerala Police’s Facebook page is now more famous than NYPD

Meme is a worldwide phenomenon which has caught fire in a way no other thing could. There is not a single country or a region with internet that is not affected or infected by this thing called a meme. Everyone becomes a meme addict from the moment you come across it. There is nothing more fun on the internet than a certain meme. It is one of those things that will live as long as there is internet. There are professional meme makers and people are actually making a career out of it.

That said, a meme has become a medium for most of the things. It is a medium to spread every kind of thing through laughter or comedy. A meme has its way of doing things, it can hurt sentiments or cater to them, it can ruin a person’s life or it can make them famous within a single night. However, that said, there are social media handles which use this medium to spread love, care, and necessary information among its followers.

Kerala Police’s Facebook page is a prime example of the same. The page is so funny and yet informative that it has become a popular thing not only in Kerala but all around the country. Their page is a phenomenon of its own and their updates are the reason some people open Facebook. If you scroll through their page, it will become a laughing riot but with that, you will become aware of the surroundings and some of the rules as well. Their witty responses also gain a lot of likes on Facebook.

This interactive nature of the page, their way of handling the responses, and their way of communicating their messages through memes have earned them a stupendous 10 lakh followers on Facebook. For starters, it is the leading Police page on the internet in the whole world. It has more likes than the New York Police Department’s Facebook page. Earlier on it was behind Bengaluru’s Police department page but after urging the fellow Kerala people to like the page, they have surpassed everyone to go number one.

These different ways to communicate with people have earned them another feather in their cap. Microsoft, a leading tech giant of the world, has made Kerala Police’s Facebook page a subject of their study. They will research their page from Bengaluru where a Microsoft Research Centre is situated. Microsoft released a statement which read that the page was selected for its ‘distinctive’ way of communicating with the people and its unique way of handling their social media accounts.

This is a prime example of how a meme can be a boon and also a bane at the same time. There are accounts which make memes and spread hate, create opinions and nurtures them and on the other hand, there are pages like these which only look after the welfare of the people. That said, it is up to people to look at the appropriate content on the internet and no one else.

– Unmesh Phule

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