Jio’s Super App Might Disrupt The Entire Indian Electronic Market

Reliance is a company which will create a market for itself if there is no market. The company did the same with Jio when the launch became a dark day for other telecom companies. That was the day when everything in the telecom industry came to a standstill. Jio might not be the highest grossing product of Reliance industry. However, it might just be after winning in the market with the services they are going to offer.

Jio, as we have covered, is going to launch a super application with over 100 services. That is going to change the entire scenario of the Indian app market. Those hundred services are going to include numerous services which currently, the Indian people are using via the different application. Jio, along with its e-commerce market, is going to launch services like chat, cab-hailing, recharge and everything other apps have failed to do. Like Paytm, Hike, Freecharge, and Snapdeal also tried to do the same.

However, the execution is where Jio is going to win and win big. Reliance has never failed to hit this kind of markets and when they are launching something, it has to be world class. Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce markets also need to hold their breath because Jio is coming with e-commerce as well. Mukesh Ambani might just flush all these companies out of India although this might not happen overnight there will be a time when Jio and Reliance will have a monopoly in India.

Prabhu Ram, head of Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) said that Jio puts Reliance in a powerful position, this is because the company is going to hit the innermost parts of India via Jio’s outstanding reach. This is where Amazon and Flipkart won’t be able to compete and this is where they lose the battle. The 300 million users of Jio is where the e-commerce market of India is won by Reliance.

Prabhu said, “The ubiquitousness of Jio devices puts Reliance in a powerful position. It can connect its vast ecosystem of its users with a multi-layered fabric, offering a rich array of services, connecting online-to-offline, through a one-stop, super app. India is a mobile-first nation and such a self-contained network that offers convenience will find favor with demanding consumers. All of these layers, on top of the Jio devices network, would put Reliance in a pole position to create India’s WeChat.”

After these services go live, India will have the world’s largest online to the offline platform. Mukesh Ambani talked about the same in Odisha during the Make in Odisha Conclave. This super app might just put Jio into a position which will win them the biggest game since its inception. However, only time will tell if Ambani wins or the rest of the world.



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