Jigsaw prepare a quiz to help you discriminate the fake emails

The emails we get are very important to us. Sometimes those emails are life changing and not necessarily in a positive way. Emails more often than not can be misleading in many ways. They can be dangerous as well. The emails which have some suspicious links always need to ignored and deleted. No matter what, no pill can make you lose 20 Kilograms in seven days, so you have to be conscious and not click on such links.

There is a term for such a thing. It is called phishing when people generate fake emails and act as big companies to lure personal details such as credit card details or bank details. Anyone can fall for phishing and it cannot be completely stopped. There are going to email in your inbox and one needs to understand the difference between a genuine email and a not so genuine email. Now, tech geeks exactly know how to differentiate, however, normal people fall for almost every phishing mail.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company have a subsidiary named Jigsaw. Jigsaw has developed a quiz which will help people understand the difference between phishing and normal emails. That will help them separate the bad and good of the email world. This quiz has questions which are based on extensive research of Jigsaw.

Jigsaw is a company which has trained thousands and thousands of people over the years. It has trained major journalists, politicians, people who are important to politicians. They have also trained social activists and the data they had gathered to do so was humongous. The company has now compressed all that data down to a quiz which will tell people what to stay away from.

The quiz and the questions are not so hard but are not very easy as well. If your answers are wrong then you will be educated about it and every question is informative. If you answer every question correctly then it doesn’t say that you are immune to every kind of phishing but you are very much safe. However, this is something very interesting as it is very important to know the difference nowadays.

There are a lot of high profile casualties of phishing and you don’t want to be one of them. Jigsaw is doing its bit and everyone needs to follow. This is because where everything is good in the world, the evil has to exist and one must learn to find the difference between those. This quiz will help you do that and everyone must take it to mark themselves safe.

-Unmesh Phule

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