Jeffrey Katzenberg wants to chop movies into episodes in order to save time

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Time is something which cannot be controlled by anything. There are very few things in this world which cannot be controlled and time is on top of that list. A hypothetical concept of time is driving the man crazy, people are craving for time and we cannot even see it. Time is something which people save whenever they can and anything that saves time is in the service of the people.

Everything we do now and everything that we have been inventing is either to reduce human effort or reduce the time required. Every invention and all the progress is processed or done with a focus of saving time. However, entertainment is something which requires a lot of amount of time. If we just watch it piece by piece it won’t make any sense and would just not be fair to the creator. But Jeffrey Katzenberg has a different vision for TV in the future.

The veteran Hollywood producer thinks that time will be very scarce in the future and people would not have enough time to watch movies. He thinks most of the people do not watch anything at all during the day and they would if there was content which was meant to entertain for only that period of time. Now, this might get a bit confusing but, Jeffrey is thinking about making an application which is named as Quibi (Quick Bites) which will have small pieces of content.

To put in a better way, if you were supposed to watch a movie but you are not getting a lot of time, then this app would be quite helpful. The app will have a movie, any movie, chopped into eight-minute episodes. So, it is a full movie but just cut in certain places and in a way that those eight-minute episodes would be interesting and will help you understand the entire thing.

The time frame is not just a mere number, it has been thought off. TV shows like This Is Us, have eight minutes of run time before there is a commercial break. That is how traditional TV runs. This can be applied to movies. However, this idea is absurd and improbable to pull off. Jeffrey Katzenberg also thinks the same. The man who gave us movies like the Lion King, Alladin, Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and many more thinks that there is a chance for such a concept to exist.

That said, we cannot really tell how this will go down with the people but the OTT platforms are surely making a statement. The app Quibi will be live in 2020 and the month is thought to be April. This might not be a hit but it is surely something which will help the busy people watch an episode of Avatar here and there while complete watching the whole film in a working week. There is no point in ruling out this idea as it saves time and as we know, anything that saves time is gold.

-Unmesh Phule

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