Jaguar Land Rover develop a self-driving car that will help gain trust of pedestrians

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Self-driving cars are making headlines in almost every newspaper nowadays. It is the hot topic in the tech world today. There is one company or the other making the papers with their advances in this form of technology. Autonomous driving is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of precision to pull off something of this caliber. It also requires a lot of things to fall in place to function properly. However, it is imminent that we will see self-driving cars on road within a decade and it wouldn’t be odd but just normal for us.

There are some problems with self-driving cars anyhow. Those are not with the technology this time around, the problem lies in the area of trust. Trust is something we all drive our vehicles with, we trust the driver in front of us that he will not brake unnecessarily and also on the driver behind us that he will not ram his car into yours. This is a trust on the human level and we trust the cars because they are in the hands of a human. All the accidents happen when this trust is broken.

Now, self-driving cars are driverless cars and trusting them is like trusting nobody. It will be very hard for people to trust a vehicle without a driver as no one is used to doing that. However, Jaguar Land Rover, the Tata-owned company have developed something very intelligent to gain people’s trust. The company’s idea is to make sure that people know the intentions of the self-driving pod. That said, it has developed a technology and installed it within their pod which will help people trust the self-driving pod.

The self-driving pod developed by Jaguar Land Rover will project its intentions on the ground. That is, if the pod intends to move forward, it will project lines on the road ahead of it. If the pod intends to break, the gaps between the lines will decrease and similarly if it intends to accelerate the gaps between the lines will increase.

This is there for all the intentions, that is, if it wants to take a turn, the lines will pan in the direction it wants to go in. This will totally help the pedestrians and drivers all around. Jaguar Land Rover has the support of the United Kingdom government as well. They are producing these pods under their policy and will help achieve the green dream of the UK.

To improve the interactions with the pedestrians the company has installed virtual eyes on the pod. This is because the company thinks that eye contact might increase the level of trust. This is something new from a company and this technology might be adopted by many companies in the future.

-Unmesh Phule

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