It is impossible to not exist digitally especially if you are on Facebook

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There is a possibility that you don’t want to exist digitally at all. Almost the whole world is found on the internet nowadays. There are only a handful of people who are immune to the digital revolution and don’t have a digital footprint at all. It is quite impossible to not exist digitally nowadays as the fire of the internet has caught almost every continent if not the entire world. Once you are on the web, once you are digitally present, it is close to impossible to totally vanish from there.

Recently, there was a Facebook scandal that happened. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been one of the most talked about things on the internet it unfolded. The data provided by Facebook to Cambridge Analytica, the UK based firm, which was managing the campaign of the current American President Donald Trump. The data was provided without the consent of the users and against the policy. This created a lot of problems and the users were betrayed in a sense.

Facebook was summoned by the lawmakers and nothing concrete came out of that meeting either. The American giant had to be very careful from there on. But it was found a couple of times more when it allowed companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon to read the personal messages through Messenger. The company did not stop even after such a huge company and has been accused of data breaching on multiple occasions.

Many people decided to quit Facebook after such scandals unfolded in front of their eyes. They were trying to save their data to be unfairly used by Facebook. In that case, quitting Facebook is not enough. If you totally want to be safe from any kind of data breaching from Facebook, you would also have to quit Instagram and also WhatsApp. This is because these applications are owned by Facebook and even if they operate separately, they are interconnected. The founders of WhatsApp and Instagram are long gone after spats with Mark Zuckerberg over some issues regarding advertisements and data sharing, of course.

One can quit WhatsApp easily by going into settings but to remove your data you will have to tap on delete account info as well. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your personal data will vanish from Facebook’s database. It is a similar story for Instagram as one cannot really check if their data has been completely deleted or it still exists on Facebook’s database.

This is a major worry, if a person wants to take a break from social media and not be found on the internet at all, he would literally have to be reborn with a new identity. It is hard to stay away from the internet, even though it has a lot of advantages, the misuse of the same can lead to a lot of destruction. It takes a lifetime to create a certain image for a person but the internet can destroy that image within seconds.

Facebook’s scandal is a prime exemplar for us to understand the dangers the internet can bring about. It is like a weapon, we will be safe if it is in a soldier’s hand but not when it is in the hands of a terrorist.

-Unmesh Phule

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