Is punch-hole display the trend of 2019 for smartphones? Find out here

Honor's new punch-hole display shown in their latest entrant View 20

Smartphones have become a commodity nowadays. They have become a stature-sensitive accessory which becomes the means of judgment for people. It has also somewhat replaced small computers as many people run their entire business on a smartphone. A powerful smartphone is nothing less than a full-fledged personal computer when it comes to specifications.

That said, the design of a smartphone is something which is spectacular in many ways. It has innovation, technology, implementation and each and every aspect of engineering has to be put in place while designing a smartphone. The trends smartphones have and the ideas smartphone makers have are beyond our understanding. Sometimes the ideas are too futuristic and then the makers have to wait for technology to catch up.

The same thing has happened with the infinity display. Samsung brought a phone in the market with its infinity display which had bezels but still looked fabulous. This was followed by Apple’s iPhone X which had a notch. The notch, that became a phenomenon in the smartphone industry. By the end of 2018, almost every phone had a notch. Samsung made fun of Apple for having a notch and termed it as ugly but has prevailed and now has introduced a teardrop display on its M-series.

So notches have been there to accommodate the camera and sensors. It was the trend of 2018 but now that makers move towards total display and no interference, there are concepts which have been implemented and one of those concepts is the punch-hole display. Now some people might not be aware of the technology but Honor came out with a smartphone named View 20 which changed everything.

Now, Honor brought home the punch-hole display is basically a replaced notch. Notch which broke the screen midway on the top and held the front-facing cameras are nowhere to be seen on View 20, instead, there is a small black dot on the screen which looks like a punched hole on a paper. That is why it is called as a punch-hole display. A brilliant idea and is executed equally brilliantly. This smartphone is going to take home a lot of bucks but the idea is priceless. Now, this can be the trend of the year. The punch-hole display is already making way to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and might just make it to every smartphone till the end of 2019.

Just like this, the trends of 2019 might be very different from that of 2018. We might see quad cameras instead of dual and also wireless charging might enter with AI being around the corner as well. However, only time will tell us about the same and it will be only interesting to see how the year pans out for smartphones.

-Unmesh Phule

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