Internet turns 30 this month

Data codes dropping like matrix

Tim Berners-Lee is the person we need to thank profusely for the Internet. He is the man who created the Internet which has transformed the way we live. To say that the Internet has transformed the way we live is an understatement. It has managed to totally change the world operates and the system was not even created for us. It was created for people with brains and for people who worked all their life for one single thing; the scientist.

Berners-Lee’s vision was to create a single portal where a scientist could share their work without having to wait for months. They could share their work on a single portal called as World Wide Web which will be available for everyone to see. This was a simple idea but look at what we have done to that simple idea. In 1989, Berners-Lee was working at CERN day and night to bring this idea into life and he did. However, it was someone else who helped it become the phenomenon it is.

Francois Fluckiger, a technician, is the person that helped the world become aware of the Internet. He made sure no one else stole it from him and no one else with bad intentions catch hold of the Internet. Berners-Lee had left for MIT when Fluckiger took over. He made sure no one gets a sniff of it when he and his team released it for the people. He himself says that if the Internet would have got out of his control while releasing then we won’t have a World Wide Web.

That said, Berners-Lee, the father of the Internet believes that the Internet is now run by ‘crooks’. His idea to just allow the scientists around the world, connected to the lab, to share their work with ease. However, that idea has gotten so big that it is hard to control. We cannot really control the way internet functions. We cannot control the way the internet sees things and also cannot control the outcome of things the Internet might bring about.

The world is, no matter how much ever we disagree, run by the Internet. It is and it will be for the entire lifetime of this and the next generation. All the inventions, every good and every bad thing in this world are on the World Wide Web. There might be only some percentage of data that might not be available on the Internet and that might be because it is unexplored. Every explored region of the earth and space is on the internet.

That said, World Wide Web turns 30 years old this month and we cannot imagine how it will change in the next 30 years. Three decades of the Internet has brought us to this space, just look around you, every human is on the Internet and this will remain, even after we are gone. To be specific, the Internet is making us immortal in a sense. No matter how many years we manage to survive but the Internet will help us remain.

-Unmesh Phule

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