Instagram re-branded by Mark Zuckerberg as he looks to integrate the apps

Facebook logo with Facebook written

Instagram has become more popular than Facebook at this moment. There was a time in this world when people would laugh at you if you weren’t on Facebook. Today people make fun of you if you are on Facebook and not on Instagram, such as the popularity of the application. When Kevin Systrom launched Instagram, people really did not think about the platform as a competition on Facebook. It was always just another social media app alongside Facebook. Facebook was always the batman and Instagram the Robin but the roles have reversed now.

Instagram has taken the battle to Facebook and it did a few years ago. But Facebook was already a giant then and it had something Instagram did not have; money. Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram and he repeated the process with WhatsApp. Now the Harvard alumni are looking to integrate all the three applications and create an ecosystem. The rumors about the same have been doing rounds for a long time now.

Zuckerberg is going through with this to gain proper control over his three companies. He currently owns the majority of the social media with WhatsApp being the major messaging app and Instagram being one of the most exploited picture-sharing apps. He might want everything under one umbrella so that users would not need to leave one app to reply to a person on the other.

That being said, Instagram has been rebranded by its parent company. And instead of being just Instagram, now the picture sharing app will be known as ‘Instagram from Facebook’. This news comes out during the rumors of Zuckerberg’s ecosystem plans. Jane Machun Wong tweeted a screenshot of the same, she happens to be the reverse engineer in close vicinity of this program.

Kevin Systrom also talked about this as he fell out with the Facebook CEO for the same reasons. He said that Facebook has left no anonymity to Instagram and the news of re-branding is just another example. Facebook had promised to not interfere in the operations of Instagram. However, the promise was not kept and Kevin finally fell out with Zuckerberg as he could not comply with his plans.

Wong tweeted again talking about the same. She wrote, “Instagram co-founder @kevin mentioned during SXSW 2019 that Instagram’s autonomy has been being reduced. And this new branding is showing it.” It will be interesting to see if Facebook really goes through with or this is just a regular change, only time will tell.


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