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Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions In A New ‘Following Categories’


Instagram has been adding a lot of interesting features lately, such as the one where it introduces fun video filters in the Insta Stories for its Boomerang option. And now, the popular photo-sharing app has added a new way to organize the list of who you are following and interacting with. This new feature has rolled out worldwide and is accessible right now. However, if you cannot see it, you may have to update your app.

Instagram’s latest features will let you know who among your Following list do you most and least interact with and help filter those unwanted accounts that you might have followed at the spur of the moment. Consequently, this feature will help in streamlining your feed and making it more personalized and relevant.

In this manner, you can easily get rid of those accounts which may be annoying, boring or spamming your feed with multiple posts. You can also filter those who you simply followed out of courtesy.

During a media interaction in November, Vishal Shah, VP of Products at Instagram, said the company wants to be a simple and creators friendly application. The nine-year-old photo-sharing service has become a shining star in Facebook’s family of applications. A report recently claimed that the service earned $20 billion from ads in 2019. In comparison, Google revealed that YouTube had revenue of $15 billion in 2019. This makes Instagram an important platform in the social media landscape and the company is making it better.

The method is really simple. Go to your Instagram account and tap on your ‘Following’ list. The app will automatically sort the accounts you follow under two categories: “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed”. Tap on the options and customize according to your choices by unfollowing whom you least interact with or even filtering accounts that unnecessarily keep popping on your feed.

There is also a third and bonus feature. Instagram lets you view your following list by sorting out which accounts you recently followed and also those which you followed at the earliest when you joined the app. It shows three categories to sort out your list: “Sort by Default”, “Date followed: Latest” and “Date followed: Earliest.” Fun, isn’t it?

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