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Infosys to offer 5G solutions to companies and help them distribute at scale


Infosys, India’s second largest IT Company has expanded all over the world. It has managed to spread so rapidly and greatly that it is going in the direction of a world-leading IT Solutions Company sooner than later. The company has a specific plan and it works accordingly. It is known for its execution skills and it has always flourished by taking a lot of other companies with them to the top. The company has a long history of influencers who have been leaders of a kind. That said, the company has a plethora of businesses but it is still entering newer regions and exploring the world of opportunities.

5G is one such technology which is going to require a lot of problems to be solved before it is stabilized as 4G has. That is the reason it is estimated to reach all the countries with the infrastructure by the time we hit 2020. It will take time to get this kind of technology out in the open. That said, Infosys has a lot of technologies that go on the line of 5G and that is going to help the company be one of the leading solution providers in that sector.

The company has identified the problems and is now going to provide solutions in the 5G sector. It is going to help the companies set up their 5G networks and this is going to start in five cities globally. The cities are Bengaluru, Melbourne, Indianapolis, Richardson, and Frankfurt.

The company will thrive from its experience with the telecom partners. Infosys has a long history of working with the telecom partners and it will use that experience to help the other companies get their 5G technologies out as fast as possible. The Indian IT Company has its 5G labs working on various technologies as well. The company released a statement during press-time and said that the labs have managed to amalgamate best of Infosys innovative technologies and into the areas like AI, AR, IoT, and many such things.

“The global network of Infosys 5G Living Labs are designed to help enterprises imagine and curate game-changing ideas driven by 5G, and rapidly prototype them to life. The labs combine the best of Infosys emerging technologies expertise in areas like (IoT), AR, VR, and AI, design thinking is driven approaches and a diverse partner ecosystem that is deeply invested in 5G technologies,” read the statement.

The 5G labs of Infosys offer something which not many companies in the world can offer. Infosys offers solutions to which will help companies provide an ecosystem so that they could nurture the offerings and then deploy them on a large scale. This is what Reliance Jio did with 4G.

The President and deputy chief operating officer of Infosys, Ravi Kumar S said that 5G is going to blow the world in a different way than 4G did and Infosys’ experience in the majority of fields will help the companies to a great extent.

“5G is opening an array of opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) and Enterprises in the digital era. Infosys’ suite of 5G offerings is powered by our extensive experience of working with major telecom service providers and enterprises globally in transforming their business and technology landscape. Our expertise in areas such as SDN-NFV, Media OTT Platforms, and IoT, together with industry collaborations among network solution providers, network OEMs, and CSPs will help custom,” he was quoted saying in the press release.

-Unmesh Phule

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