Infosys opens up an Innovation hub in Providence, five more states to conquer


Infosys, India’s first IT company which has made it big in the IT world. It is India’s second-biggest Information Technology company and has been around for more than three decades now. It was founded by seven engineers in the 1980s. The company was founded in Pune but was later shifted to Bengaluru for certain reasons. The Bengaluru-based company has explored the world and is expanding in other time zones at the moment.

The US segment of Infosys landed in trouble a year ago. It was accused of bringing in Indians to the US and not giving the locals a fair chance. The company discarded such accusations and promised the US government 10,000 jobs in the country over two years from then. Out of those 10,000 jobs, it has already provided 7,600 people with jobs already. The company is going out of its way to keep its promise and create jobs in the US. The two years’ timeline is yet to finish and the company is growing rapidly in the United States.

The company has now set up a digital innovation and design center in Providence, USA. The company has also pleased the state government by hiring 100 people from Rhode Island. The company is creating a lot of jobs something which the home-based companies are failing to do. The Indian company has managed to create opportunities and is giving out jobs to people with talent and aspirations. There are many other plans lined up which will create more jobs in the state of Rhode Island. The company has promised a total of 500 jobs for the people in Rhode Island and the number will be achieved by 2022.

That said, the company is setting up such innovation centers in five other states in the US. The states are as follows, Raleigh (North Carolina), Hartford (Connecticut), Phoenix (Arizona), and Indianapolis (Indiana). These innovations centers are meant to bridge a certain gap between design and human skills in technology fields. This is going to improve the company in many fields including digital technologies.

The Providence center of innovation is going to offer many such opportunities to youngsters and fresher all alike. It will give young designers a training opportunity in the field of digital skills and will expose them to systems, platforms, strategy, and organization domains. This will increase the number of experts in the field of digital skills and many other trained employees.

Moving on, the company has also joined hands with Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) which will help build up and launch the Digital Economy Aspirations Lab (DEAL) to help students learn everything about Digital market and the jobs in this field and also the skills required to flourish.

North America has turned out to be the largest market for Infosys. It accounts for almost 60% of the topline. It is followed by Europe which stands at 24.2%, rest of the world contributes 12.8% and India around 2.6%.

-Unmesh Phule

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