Infosys enters Romania with its Innovations hub


Infosys is a company which is on the wheels right now. It is working towards conquering countries across the world. The company is looking to understand the markets all around the world and working its way into almost each one of them. The Indian company has done a fantastic job in the United States of America. It has created almost 7500 jobs in the States and is still planning to further keep its promise of 10000 jobs for the Americans.

Infosys is giving jobs in all kinds of fields. The company has expertise in almost all the fields including financial service, business process, healthcare, life sciences, management, utilities, manufacturing, and retail. The Bangalore-based company is looking to invest in training programs in fields of user experience, cloud computing, big data, digital offerings, core technology skills, and a lot more things including computer science skills. These training programs will its own employees and also for others.

The company has now, however, turned its focus to Europe for now. Infosys has locked in a deal with Bucharest in Romania. Romania is a country which is up and coming in the field of technology and Infosys is going to set up innovation hubs in the country with top-notch facilities. The company has even partnered with universities in Romania.

The facility that will be opened in Romania, which is located in the southeastern part of Europe, will focus on emerging technologies. The clients these innovation hubs will target will be in the field of digital technologies, which includes, cloud, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and also machine learning. These technologies are going to be a huge part of the future and Infosys is trying to play a huge part in the same.

Infosys has partnered with the University of Bucharest and the University of Politechnica Bucharest and form a partnership that will strategically benefit technology and innovation in Romania. This will definitely be a step forward for Romania as the workforce will be trained for the same. This will develop the country and its workforce which is a great start for a country like Romania.

Infosys has already created 12,000 jobs for the Europeans in Europe. Infosys President, Ravi Kumar S, said in a press release that getting involved in Romania can increase the ability of the company as well. The company is trying to create an organic pool of talent and Romania seems a perfect opportunity for the same.

He said “Our Digital Innovation Center in Bucharest marks an important step forward for Infosys as it further expands its presence across Europe, improving our ability to serve both our regional and global clients.

“By partnering with key local academic institutions, we are creating organic talent pools in Romania that do not exist in the market today. By training and developing a highly skilled workforce in Romania, we can help close the digital skills gap in the region and contribute to the Romanian and European economy,” he added.

-Unmesh Phule

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