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India’s 4K TV Demand Increases TCL AI TV Sales

TCL Festive Season

It has been six years since the inception of 4K TVs and now it has become very popular around the world. ‘Better Picture Quality’ has always been a demand for TV users. The first batch of 4K TVs came out in 2013. Today, this resolution standard is getting more and more popular. The elites from around the world regard 4K as the standard for their home TV.

For the Indian market where TV consumption is very high, 4K resolution is not very popular. However, the Indian middle-class and elites have started leaning towards 4K TV and that has the impact upon the global consumption of the 4K TV.

As the advertising spokesperson of the Indian superstar Amir Khan, as long as it is the product of his endorsement, it is determined that there will be a bigger market. On the one hand, this shows the power of idols. On the other hand, as the income of the Indian population increases, improving the living environment and improving the essence of life is the current pursuit.

Now, these groups are eyeing the 4K TV, especially in the upcoming festive season in India – Diwali. This day, like the peak of China’s double 11 shopping, many middle-class families will look to purchase 4K AI TV. On this special day, they can enjoy more bonuses and great price concessions.

TCL’s boarding of 4K AI TV to India is opening the door to India’s high-end market. It can also be said that it is logical to introduce the concept of a smart home into Indian families.

4K AI TV is a new generation of smart TV launched by TCL in India. It fully utilizes AI technology to make smart TV no longer a cold electric appliance, but a smart home entrance. AI image quality engine, AI sound quality engine, AI voice interaction, AI smart home control four “tools”, become a smart partner who is waiting for the master to call at home all day.

Why are Indian middle-class and elite people looking forward to TCL 4K AI TV? These four reasons are changing their way of life, leading consumers to truly feel the convenience of smart life.


AI ​​Image Quality Engine  and AI Scene Optimization

TCL’s 4KAI TV technology innovation can intelligently analyze the TV scene, optimize the screen display according to different scenes such as forest, ocean, city, etc., and AI brightness optimization/ AI contrast optimization.

The AI ​​technology intelligently analyzes and optimizes the brightness and contrast of the TV according to the content of the display to achieve an optimal display.

Automatic Sound Effects and Volume Adjustment

The AI ​​sound quality engine intelligently analyzes and optimizes the output of related volume and sound effects based on the volume of the TV signal. TCL 4K AI TV can select sound modes for different scenes such as smart, cinema, music, news, etc., and can also customize the sound mode. Whether it is AI technology or self-selection, you can restore the sound of nature to the maximum. Achieve the most full and richest sound effects.

Full Scene Companionship

AI voice interaction makes the interaction between the user and the TV as easy and natural as the chat with friends. The voice remote control can accurately identify and locate the interactive voice. By speaking, you can realize a variety of services such as information search, browsing entertainment content, setting plans, and realizing the wonderful life of a smart family “full scene companion”.

TCL AI TV as a Smart Home Control Centre

Te AI smart home control makes TCL AI TV a smart home control centre that can control smart homes such as curtains, lights, and sweeping robots. In addition, the full-scene AI technology enables 24 hours to be on standby regardless of whether it is powered on or in standby mode.

In the Indian market, 4K is undoubtedly a burst point. 4K AI TV allows TCL to showcase the new technology of “random response” to Indian consumers through AI technology, and truly realize “free hands”. 4K AI TV can be said to be the first step for TCL TV to enter the high-end consumer home in India, making TV the core entrance of their smart home and participating in all the scenes of family life.

TCL quickly grasped the future trend of the Indian TV market, and the direction of transformation for smart homes was also clear. Although India’s overall base for 4K AI TV is not large, the spending power of elites is increasing rapidly. Their demand for 4K AI TV is increasing. It is TCL’s rapid replenishment that has won consumers’ favour.

The upcoming Diwali, many elites are full of expectations. For them, choosing the best time to buy TCL 4K AI TV is perhaps the best gift of Diwali this year.

Compared with smart home manufacturers or other Internet TV brands, TCL’s rich product line and technology accumulation from TV to refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and kitchen and bathroom make it easier for them to build a whole smart home system based on the home appliance, let India Consumers enjoy the combination of TV and smart home systems to bring technology charm.

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