Indian rural students get Bolo as a gift from Google


Google, a company which is transforming this world one search at a time. There are certain products of Google which helps us in the simplest of ways. There is one such thing Google has done to develop rural education in India. The company has managed to build an app which will help kids learn languages with the help of it. The application is launched as the beta version in India not long ago.

Google has been doing such work for a long time. It is also helping educate the journalists around the country so that they could differentiate between news and fake news during elections. The company has been doing a lot of social work in between and the application we talked about is one of those products.

The application is named as Bolo which is a Hindi word for a talk. The app is filled with features and is an example of Google’s technology. The application boasts Google’s speech recognition and also text-to-speech features. With the help of these technologies, Google has developed an inbuilt tutor and given her the name ‘Diya’. Diya is a motivator and a teacher at the same time. She will help the students learn languages and correct them while they are reading out loud.

Bolo was tested in more than 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh and areas around by Google. The result was fantastic as the students were amazed and attracted to this amazing feature. To put numbers on the applications test, almost 64% of students improved the reading part in three months of use. This is how productive this application is.

Bolo has partnered with Pratham Education Foundation, Sajha, Room to Read, Kaivalya Education Foundation. These foundations will help the app reach deeper into India. This will help the students win and understand reading in a better way.

This application has around 50 stories in Hindi and 40 stories in English. Diya will help the students read these stories as well. The other feature is one app can be used by multiple students and the application will track the progress of each student differently. There are many more features like Diya, the tutor, will correct students and give positive notes. This will help students motivate.

This application is currently only integrated with Hindi and will help Hindi speakers. However, with time there will be more and more languages integrated into the application.

The education system in India is currently explored and exploited by 3,500 startups in India. The problem lied where there was no internet. The internet speed is slow and that is the reason not many startups could actually flourish. The main thing about this application is that it is available for free and can work when there is no internet and that is what makes the Bolo better from all the other things.

-Unmesh Phule

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