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Indian Internet Users Under Cyberattack Threat

Cyber security

Indian netizens are under massive cyberattacks according to a LinkedIn report citing K7 Computing Data. India has the second-largest internet users in the world and the growth rate is very high. This has resulted in many new internet users to come online especially via smartphones. The shift has been sharply from Windows-based computers to Android-based smartphones.

The report suggests that the top two most affected cities were Chennai and Patna, whereas, the least affected was Kohima. The most vulnerable time is around 4 pm, especially on Fridays. Interestingly the attacks are carried out via photo-editing softwares and music players in the android devices which can be easily breached due to mismanaged servers and availability of Ransomware.

In the internet era and the arrival of even more high-speed spectrum 5G, the Indian government is looking for a homegrown OS for safety from cyberattacks.

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