Indian government to offer rebates to boost EV sales in the country

India's EV dream

Indian people are failing to adapt to the electric vehicle market. The reason for this is not the mentality but the infrastructure. There are many reasons for the lack of infrastructure in the country. The first and foremost is that there are very fewer people who are aware of the technicality of it. The government’s efforts are going in vain as the companies are not technically sound to pull off what the government wants.

In a recent book launch held in Pune, two of the most renowned personalities across India said that the government is also struggling to provide funds. The government cannot really fund the e-mobility dream that it is set to achieve till 2030. However, it is impossible to know if the government is able or not but the technical aspects which are lacking in the country for all to see. That said, there are many other steps the Indian government is trying to take in order to increase the electric car sales.

Rebating is something it has turned to now. The government is going to offer a cashback kind of offer if one decides to buy an electric car. This is in order to increase awareness and inspire people to buy electric cars instead of IC engine cars. The price of electric cars is more than that of conventional cars. This is because of the huge battery costs in India. To change this the government is going to offer a rebate.

The decision currently being reviewed in meetings and the official decision might be made sooner. This information was provided by an anonymous source of Economic Times. The rebates offered will be in the range of 50,000 and this will bring the price of electric vehicles within the range of the IC engine cars. This is a good step by the government, however, the companies will also try to lower their prices as soon as there is a solution to battery problem in India.

The other major problem in India is the charging facility. This will be a huge problem if there are cars on the road and no charging stations. Currently, New Delhi is going through the e-rickshaw transformation and the city is building up its charging facility as well.

That said, the rebates offer will hit the market within a few months and will be a limited period offer. The offer is going to be clubbed with zero road tax and registration fees which will also bring down the price of the vehicles in the country. All of these efforts are being made to take the sale of electric vehicles to 15% of all vehicles sold till 2024. This is why the government is now is taking strides to develop the awareness and also the infrastructure in India.

-Unmesh Phule

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