Indian government encourages drone manufacturers to produce in India

Drones in the air

Drones are growing in popularity by the day. There are all kinds of customers buying drones for different reasons. There are videographers who are really in need of drones, there are enthusiasts and photographers and then there are young people who are just fascinated by it. That said, drones popularity gives rise to another industry which is new and it needs regulations because of the threat they possess.

Drones in India, however, is a different story altogether. There are people who are seriously looking at this as a potential business which will flourish sooner rather than later. That said, India is going to release a drone policy. Apart from that, there are certain rules the drone owners need to follow. The Indian government is working on the same. The current regulations contain rules such as the drone owners need to register their drone and the owners’ name with this they also need to register the drone pilot name as well.

The recently held Global Aviation Summit which was held earlier this week had some amusing suggestions. The Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha said that the drone manufacturers should add a kill switch to the drones. The kill switch basically means that the drones will stop working when they go rogue and this switch should be able to operate remotely. This was suggested in front of more than 12 drone manufacturers.

There are many incidents that have happened over the last few months. The suggestion came totally from the safety point of view and nothing else. Recently a drone was cited above the London’s Gatwick airport. It ran havoc as it totally shut the second busiest Airport in the United Kingdom. There were more than a hundred flights that were grounded because of one drone. This happened in one a country where drones are flown often.

The Indian security agencies are immensely concerned about drones. However, this doesn’t stop the government from bringing in drones in India. They want manufacturers to produce drones in India. The current count of drones in India is around 40 thousand while it is touted to reach a million mark within five years from now. The integration can also happen as the existing drones can also be modified.

Drones are still not allowed to fly in India. The August 2018 plan to legalize drones by December 1, 2018, has been delayed for some reasons. The government has not come out with the regulations yet and the drones in India almost 40,000 of them remain to be flown illegally per se. Suresh Prabhu, the minister of Commerce has put up a team Drone Task Force which will be led by Sinha and will have to come up with Drone Regulations 2.0. It will still take time but drones will come to India and they will explore the skies earlier than expected.

-Unmesh Phule

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