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Indian Double Eleven is its Festive Season and TCL AI TV Sales Expected to Rise

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If China’s double eleven is the National Shopping Spree Day, then India’s national shopping spree is Diwali.

Diwali, also known as the Deepawali is a major national festival in India, held every year in October or November. Exchanging holiday gifts is an indispensable custom and etiquette for Indians in Diwali, so Diwali is also India’s hottest “shopping festival”, called the Indian version of “Double Eleven”.

India's Double 11 TCL
India’s Double 11 TCL

India’s double eleven grows rapidly

The two sets of figures can support the rapid growth of Diwali in India.

During the Diwali Festival 2017 (September 20-September 24), online retailers’ sales reached $1.5 billion, an increase of more than 40% from $1.05 billion in 2016, which is twice the $720 million in 2015. many.

In the first five days of Diwali in 2018, its sales turnover increased from $1.5 billion in 2017 to $3 billion in 2018. At the same time, the number of online purchases in the first five days increased from 13.5 million in 2017 to 2000. Million.

These growth figures are sufficient to illustrate the breadth and depth of the Indian online shopping market. This year’s Diwali, all businesses are sharpening their knives, the intensity of business and platform is no less than that of China’s double eleven.

For many consumers, Diwali is the best time to buy their home appliances, so each brand regards Diwali as an important promotion node.

During the Diwali last year, TCL was the champion of growth in the Indian market. The data shows that during the Diwali promotion period, TCL sales increased by 260%. Online and offline cumulative growth of 200%. Today, TCL goes hand in hand in four ways: consumer electronics stores, speciality stores, integrated stores and online sales, which will greatly help TCL’s sales increase.


4KAI TV will be popular

As one of the world’s color TV giants, TCL has also shown enough sincerity in the Indian market that the market sales volume increased by 216.8% in the first half of 2019, launching the “Grand Festival Sales” Diwali promotion season event, focusing on Enjoy the next generation smart Intended to set off a storm of AI TV popularity in India.

AI TV is still a new thing in India. Most consumers need to meet basic needs when purchasing a TV, while people who buy AI TV have certain economic strength.

For the elite group, TCL launched a new generation of 4K smart TV in India, making full use of AI technology, allowing consumers to fully appreciate the speed and convenience brought by AI. This AI TV has four distinctive features: AI image quality optimization, AI sound quality optimization, AI voice interaction, AI smart home control.

For consumers in many developed countries and regions, losing remote controllers is a step-by-step process for them. For most consumers in India, they also need to pick up the remote control because they have not yet experienced this process.

TCL is shortening this distance with AI TV. For example, TCL 55-inch P8E 4K AI Android 9 TV has gained a lot of praise in Amazon since it was launched in India. The TV uses voice search technology and is the first 4K AI TV in India with the Android 9 Pie version.

Voice search will give consumers a sense of technology, allowing them to go directly from satisfying basic viewing needs to AI eras that are synchronized with consumers in developed regions, while TCL is the most important role for Indian consumers to enter the AI ​​era.

These are like scenes in science fiction movies. For example, through AI TV, you can control the entire smart home by simply operating the TV through voice, realize the switch of electric lights, control of smart home appliances, truly experience the next generation of smart lifestyle, and take the lead in the elite group in India. Implemented in. The founder of intelligent life is TCL.

It is reported that in the Croma store in Bangalore, consumers have “scheduled” TCL4KAI TV in advance, and they hope to experience the AI ​​TV in the Diwali period to give them a different feeling.

Chen Shikai, the national manager of TCL India, said that during the Diwali this year, consumers will have a comprehensive understanding of TCL4K AI TV through the online and offline omnichannel approach. TCL has traditionally delivered a lifestyle and lifeline, allowing them to enjoy more technical dividends through AI TV.

India’s “Double Eleven” has broad market demand. TCL wants to stand out from the crowd, relying on quality and brand, as well as the whole category of winning tricks covering different groups of people. TCL offers surprise sales for consumers from 43-inch to 65-inch on 4K TVs, with a price of 23,990 rupees for the 43-inch models; priced at 28,990 rupees for the 50-inch models; and 3,990 rupees for the 55-inch models; The price of the inch model is 49,990 rupees; and the 65-inch model is the price of subverting the industry, allowing consumers to realize the big screen dream.

In contrast to the prices of other friends’ TVs, the Q1, a 55-inch smart TV product in India, is priced at Rs. 69,900 in India, the Q1 Pro is priced at Rs 9,900, and the Motorola Smart TV is priced at $560, which is about $35,530. It can be said that the concession in price is TCL’s greatest sincerity. This kind of universal policy can enable Indian consumers to enjoy the latest AI smart TV at the most satisfactory price.

Dong Wenjun, marketing manager of TCL India, said that the annual Diwali is like China’s double eleven. More and more consumers will shop during this period, and every household will have double-digit growth every year. Diwali is also an inspection field that tests the ecosystem of a brand from the product, technology, supply chain to service. In the Indian market, after several years of testing and cultivation, TCL is well prepared. One of the best gifts for consumers during Diwali this year will be 4K AI TV.

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