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Indian Air Purifier Market: A Huge Opportunity Especially after Diwali

If you want to start the Air Purifier business in the Indian market, do not miss this round of the best marketing opportunities. The “Spring Festival which is similar in India – Diwali” that most Indians expect every year is also the most polluted moment of the year. To control the outdoor air pollution is a gigantic task that the common people and the government needs to do together. However, the elite and the middle class wants to do everything possible to reduce at least the indoor air pollution. The only way they can control indoor air is by using an air purifier.

India is one of the most polluted urban regions in the world. In the list of the 20 most polluted cities with global air pollution in 2016, there are 14 Indian cities. Among them, the Indian capital, New Delhi, ranked sixth with 143 micrograms per cubic meter. This level of pollution is not only during the period of Diwali but is a normal state of affairs. The immediate consequence is that it poses a serious hazard to the health of Indians.

Between 1990 and 2015, the number of people who died prematurely due to air pollution in India rose by 50%. Approximately 1.1 million Indians die each year due to severe air pollution.

Last year it was the worst hit in history as the day after Diwali, the air pollution level in New Delhi exceeded the safety value by 18 times. Therefore, Indians will be eagerly waiting for effective and efficient Air Purifiers in the markets. This year’s Diwali is on the 7th November and is as grand as the Chinese New Year. This is what most people in India are looking forward to. However, in recent years, more and more Indians have had a slight fear of Diwali as we already discussed the reason.

The joy of Diwali, unfortunately, is surrounded by severe firecrackers, air pollution and other waste incineration, many times more than the international pollution standard. Still, many people are happy to be seriously polluted just to celebrate the festival. The Indian government has been working to improve air quality and reduce environmental pollution, but the results are not obvious. Even if the festival is over, the people cannot leave the house for the next few days. They also need to visit relatives and friends, but there is no solution to the serious pollution outside.

It will be a mistake to think that Indians staying indoors during Diwali can somehow avoid pollution. It is extremely difficult to escape serious pollution. “Even if there is an air purifier, it may not be able to make the air in the room the cleanest, but at least it can be improved significantly.”

This Indian man, Sandeep, has a 6-year-old girl. He hopes to create a relatively good environment for the child. Speaking of the expectations of Diwali this year, he shook his head with some helplessness, spread his hands and pointed his fingers at the sky. They cannot escape from India and cannot escape from serious air pollution. They can only improve their living environment marginally.

It is impossible for India to transform the air pollution in the short term. Hence, the demand for air purifiers and related smart products that can improve air quality will gradually increase in the middle class and elites. “If you want to enter the Indian market, from a marketing point of view, Diwali is a good time because Indians, by the virtue of themselves will be forced to face serious pollution during this period. Product awareness, personal experience, and scientific experiments will let Indians know the benefits of air purifiers. These should be very helpful for Indians to know and buy air purifiers,” said a person in charge of a small and medium-sized home appliance chain.

Blue Technology learned in India that the Indian market needs a pre-cultivation process for air conditioners. If more people are allowed to accept the air purifier, the price should be more adapted to local needs.

The current Indian market has not yet formed brand awareness, and the demand for many commodities is based on value for money. However, elite and middle class are the first to realize the advantages of air purifiers in the era of serious air pollution. Like many countries, the lifestyles led by the middle class have begun to let the general public follow suit. It should be noted that if the air purifier enters the Indian market and wants to go short, fast and quickly to enlarge the market, it will be difficult in the current state that Indian is.

The actual situation is that many Indians do not know much about air purifiers, and the brand awareness of this industry is almost blank. They need a process of nurturing, recognizing and using the experience. From the marketing level, those who want to enter the Indian market should seize the serious air pollution incidents and can conduct event marketing, experiential marketing and scientific experiments. Let more people deeply understand the health hazards of pollution.

People will be immersed in the joy of Diwali and the firecrackers burning in the urban and rural areas are their best expression of Diwali. Indians are very disgusted with serious air pollution but seems to do nothing much regarding that. Though the common population is disgusted with the environmental quality, nothing much is in their hands except for purchasing the Air Purifiers and plantation of as many trees as possible. Choosing the most suitable marketing opportunity is a necessary condition for the air purifiers to enter the Indian market.

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