India lacks the workforce as only 3% are capable of working for AI-driven companies

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India is a country of diversity. The country has a population of 1.3 billion and that is its strength. All the industries in the world see India as a growing market and the reason for that is India’s youth population which stands at a staggering 65%. The country is a budding market in any industry you bring to India. The smartphone industry saw a point of saturation in every other country but in India, the market went up and is looking to go in the same direction.

That being said, the technology sector in India is also huge. It is one of the biggest in the world and the country’s drive to move towards the new age is relentless. India is always trying to reach new heights and explore new territories when it comes to technology. This a fact which we really cannot ignore. The workforce that India generates every year is unimaginable. The unemployment right now is on the highest level and it has a lot to do with excessive workforce but only some are skilled enough to get a job.

To prove the point, Aspiring Minds’ seventh employability report which it produces annually, has some horrific facts. The report enlightens the fact that even though we have a huge population of engineers in India only 3.84% of those are really capable of coding. Only 3% of the employees are capable of new-age skillset that can manage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and even Mobile Development.

This is the reality of the workforce India has. This number is lesser than the US and almost four times people in the US can code when compared to India. Varun Aggarwal, who is the founder and CEO of Aspiring Minds said that this situation must be dealt with at the earliest. This is for the sake of Indian industry and also for the sake of AI.

He told ET, “We found that only about 3% of engineers have new-age skills in AI, data, mobile, and cloud. This is a situation which must be immediately remedied — both for the sake of Indian industry, and our relevance to the world at large.”

He also touched on the fact that engineers are not willing enough. They are afraid and are not taking projects which go beyond their curriculum. He said, “Engineers learn by doing and not reading. We found that the proportion of engineers taking up projects beyond the curriculum and doing internships is low. Further, the faculty barely talks about the industrial application of concepts in class, even as the exposure of students through industry talks is also wanting.”

This is the first time that the report is giving out reasons for the numbers it has presented. There are not many reports that reason the cause of the numbers it represents. However, this report does that and it shows how concerned the surveyors are.

-Unmesh Phule

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