India embark on the journey of robots with Miko 2.0

Most of the developed countries are pretty much aware of robots and its existence. The common people have taken interest in this sector of the technology. Be it Saudi Arabia’s robot citizen Sophia or may it be Kuri, the world has been going only upwards on this side of the technology. However, India is one such country that has been somewhat immune to robots and them reaching the common people.

That said, it is also a country which has a lot of noteworthy robots to its name. There are many robots like DRDO’s Daksh, which is used for military purposes or IRA or even Mitra that have been developed in India. However, they haven’t reached the common man yet. There is still day and light between India becoming a robot-friendly country but that seems to be changing.

With IRA taking charge at the HDFC’s branch in Mumbai and Mitra being launched in the presence of Ivanka Trump last year, robots are certainly eyeing for a place in the Indian hearts. One such company that launched India’s first companion robot has come up with a sequel of the same. Miko 2.0, which unlike its predecessor, can see, hear, recognize faces and voices, sense and also express is on its way to meet the Indians.

Miko 2.0 is a robot which is specifically built to help parents with their children. The Emotix developed robot will help Indian parents with early education of the child. Miko is specially designed to interact with children. It has shiny exterior and a soulful voice to go with. Along with that, Miko can also sense the moods and keep in mind the behavior of the child. It is designed to develop a bond with the child.

There is inbuilt data on the robot like games, riddles, rhymes and more. This will only help the robot to engage with the child in better ways. Another aspect of the robot which might or might not be taken positively is that the Miko 2.0 platform will be open for other parties to add information or data. Although, this information or data will go through a firewall which will filter out all the data that is not compatible with a child.

The Emotix robot will hit the Hamleys store on December 15th, 2018 and will mark a new journey for India in the world of robots and robotics. The price of Miko 2.0 is INR 24,999. This robot might prove to be groundbreaking and it will be interesting to see how common India takes to it.

– Unmesh Phule

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