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In the Eyes of the Japanese, this Chinese Company has a Hundred-Year Potential

Galanz Osaka Event

The open innovation event a month ago attracted the attention of doctors from Osaka University of Technology and some local entrepreneurs in Japan. On April 19th, Xport, the open centre of Osaka City Centre, opened its first Chinese company, Galanz.

Established by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Osaka University of Technology, Xport aims to challenge the problems in the real society through exchanges between different industries, and constantly create market activities that can generate practical benefits based on practical experience created by business, Industry-university cooperation and PBL education institution in Japan.


Xport, an open innovation base, often focuses on the most innovative companies in Asia and even the world. In addition to technological innovation, they are trying to find a sustainable company with centuries of DNA having a professional approach.

Osaka University of Technology, in less than three years, will be celebrating its century having started in the year 1922 focusing on engineering. In the years of development, it has focused on the combination of innovation, skills, practice and learning.

They invite enterprises to share knowledge, experience and insights with the students at the university’s innovation base. The entry criteria are:

  1. must have longevity enterprise genes
  2. must focus on the profession
  3. rely on own technological innovation to support the development of the enterprise
  4. pay attention to the skill development practice of all employees

On the surface, it does not seem to be such a high threshold, but in reality, the threshold is not low. Take Chinese companies as an example; many companies like to invest in multiple sectors such as real estate or stocks because it is easy to get high returns. However, it is contrary to the company’s business. According to the standards of Japanese companies, this is not in line with the spirit of concentration. Focus and innovation are the core of their invitation to the company.

Galanz at Xport
[BlueTechnology: Galanz at Xport]
In the eyes of the Japanese, this Chinese company has a hundred-year gene and that is because people see a longevity gene in Galanz.

Galanz was the first foreign-invested company to be invited to join Xport.

What is Galanz?

Founded in 1978, Galanz started almost at the same time as the reform and opening up of the Chinese economy. It is the builder, participant and witness of China’s economic development.

As the evergreen tree of the domestic brand, the 40-year-old insistence of the big wave has been the foundation of the 100-year-old enterprise.

In recent years, the Japanese market has been increasingly researching Chinese companies. On one hand, China’s home appliance companies are growing rapidly, in terms of scale, technological innovation and global sales. The trend is showing its going higher.

On the other hand, many business models, management models, and innovation models in China’s home appliance manufacturing industry have begun to become a phenomenon. These phenomena have caused the curiosity of Japanese companies that are good at learning. This is the reason the Japanese began to get close to Chinese home appliance manufacturers.

Especially in the Pearl River Delta region, as the pioneer of China’s reform and opening up, the home appliance manufacturing industry also represents the present and future of China’s manufacturing industry.

‘Xport’ chose Galanz as a model for research. The reason is that Galanz, as a private enterprise, has been focusing on home appliance manufacturing and technological innovation for more than 40 years, no matter what kind of capital temptation is outside.

This is actually the entrepreneurial spirit advocated by Japan. Therefore, Japanese companies are more interested in understanding the globalization, localization, brand building and formation and sustainability of Galanz.

Focus, professionalism, and concentration. In the past 41 years, Galanz has only focused on home appliance manufacturing and technology research and development, and has never pursued high risks and high returns in the capital market.

In China’s home appliance manufacturing industry, Galanz is a different kind. However, in Japan, companies with more than 100 years have a commonality, namely, focus, professionalism and concentration. Therefore, Galanz’s focus and professionalism are one of the focuses of attracting attention in the Japanese market.

Japanese Perspective

According to Japanese experts, being able to focus on one thing is a prerequisite for becoming a century-old company.

For more than 40 years, Galanz has focused on globalization, the entire industry chain, core technologies and branding.

From the perspective of the whole industry chain, Galanz’s entire industrial chain is equipped with intelligent manufacturing equipment according to world-class level. Moreover, Galanz has established branches and research centres in developed countries.

In terms of globalization, Galanz launched its global strategy in the mid-1990s. In combination with the international environment and corporate conditions, the “1+5” strategy was being flexibly implemented. Through various modes such as independent brands + cooperative brands, joint venture brands and rental brands, it started going out of the country and setting itself up according to the local conditions.

In terms of self-owned brands, Galanz has registered its name in 149 countries and regions around the world. Each year, about 50 million Galanz appliances are transported from Guangdong headquarters to nearly 200 countries and regions around the world.

True Sense of Globalisation

Focusing on the development goal of brand internationalization, Galanz relies on localized talents to vigorously promote localized operations in major countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Chile, Canada, Russia and countries along the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

In July 2018, Galanz became a member of the “Xport” as a foreign-invested company, and promoted cooperation and technology development with Osaka and Kansai companies by participating in the ‘MOTTO OSAKA Development Innovation Platform’ an open innovation promotion business of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Some Japanese entrepreneurs and college students have come to know Galanz for the first time through last year’s activities.

Unlike the first time, on April 19th, the chairman of the Galanz Group, Liang Zhaoxian and the vice chairman Liang Huiqiang were invited to the “Xport” location – Osaka University of Technology’s Umeda Campus and “Xport” members to share the Galanz startup for 40 years. Innovative experience and direction for open innovation and sustainable development in the future.

When Liang Huiqiang shared the keynote speech “THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE ITSELF”, the entrepreneurs and some doctoral students present in the audience really understand that ‘change is the only constant’ is Galanz’s corporate philosophy.

In the eyes of the Japanese, this Chinese company has a hundred-year gene.

Galanz's Innovations
[Bluetechnology: Galanz’s Innovations]

Galanz’s innovative genes

Although the 90-year-old young man (Liang Huiqiang) has not worked long hours, he has worked hard in the manufacturing industry for many years and has accumulated profound knowledge, experience and industry resources. This made some Japanese entrepreneurs at the meeting think that Galanz has many similarities with Japanese companies in the past century.

“In the new 40 years, manufacturing will be the most important DNA of Galanz, but not all. Galanz is integrating the world’s leading intelligent manufacturing advantages and the increasingly mature Galanz+ smart home platform, laying out the intelligent upgrade of the entire industry chain, and intensifying efforts. Digital transformation and international operations, from the manufacture of the most cost-effective products to the global consumer-oriented supply experience and better independent brand products and services.” Liang Huiqiang said.

Many entrepreneurs attending the conference did not know that in 2016, Galanz established Galanz Japan Co., Ltd. in Osaka. In the past two years, we have actively promoted business cooperation with large-scale home appliance companies and small and medium-sized enterprises with excellent technology in Osaka and Kansai and expanded the influence of independent brands.

According to Japanese data surveys, there are 26,000 companies in Japan for more than 100 years, accounting for 80% of the world’s 100-year-old stores, of which 3,146 are more than 200 years old, and are far ahead in the world.

The key to so many centuries-old companies is Japan’s world-famous ‘Artisan Spirit’. No matter how simple or simple the work is, “artisans” will spend a lot of effort and time to study and polish, and through repeated repetition and exploration, the work will be nearly perfect.

With its own brand and core technology, Galanz knows that this is the longevity gene of Japanese companies, and knows that it needs to use core technology to gain a foothold. Therefore, for more than 40 years, Galanz has always insisted on independent research and development.


In 1999, Galanz’s “Black King Kong” black whirlwind swept the world, breaking the microwave white tradition also opened the colour revolution of white goods.

In 2005, Galanz successfully invented the electric steamer; in 2011, the first open-type round microwave oven UOVO.

In 2014, Galanz created a dual-mode inverter microwave oven to realize the technological breakthrough of light wave frequency conversion and microwave frequency conversion.

In 2016, Galanz pioneered the Q6 series of micro-steaming and roasting machine, revolutionizing the integration of micro, steaming and roasting. Behind these innovative products is the establishment of a sound independent research and development system.

In the past five years, Galanz has continued to carry out intelligent upgrading and transformation, investing more than 3 billion yuan. Customized the world’s first microwave oven fully automated assembly line, production cycle up to 12 seconds in Taiwan; the introduction of the world’s leading drum washing machine box, inner tube automated production line, production cycle up to 12 seconds in Taiwan; customized the world’s first electric steamer fully automatic production line of the cavity, the production cycle reaches 15 seconds per piece and so on. Galanz constantly refreshes the efficiency record of white goods “China Zhizhi”.

Liang Zhaoxian, chairman of the Galanz Group, once said, “2019 will be an important year for Galanz to build a 100-year enterprise and global brand”. Today at Galanz, on average, in less than 1 second a microwave oven goes down the production line. Every day, 100,000 microwave ovens of different specifications and functions are sold to nearly 200 countries and regions around the world.

In the first quarter of this year, Galanz’s exports increased by 10% over the same period of the previous year. Among them, the export of independent brands increased by 50%.

These data may be the norm in the development process for Galanz but for the Japanese entrepreneurs and some doctoral students who attended the meeting, they were a little surprised. It was beyond their imagination of China’s home appliance manufacturing industry.

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