Impact of Indian content creators and influencers on Chinese brands

Digital Media on a Tablet

India is a thriving country for content creators. A plethora of social media platforms and content showcasing platforms are performing well in the country letting the youth voice their opinion on almost every kind of topic that exists.

YouTube is probably the most famous of all as the users and their usage time are the highest on this platform in India. YouTube counts Indian as its largest market and compared to its other markets, it is growing the fastest in the world in India. However, there are many competitors to this product of Google. Chinese apps such as TikTok became the fastest growing platform in India until recently before the app was taken down by the Indian authorities over severe misuse by children, teens and adults alike.

User Generated Content or UGC as it is popularly known seems to be the way forward. Most of the popular platforms on the internet are nowadays heavily dependent on UGCs. The benefits of UGC over the traditional contents are:

  1. Easier to make and procure
  2. More cost efficient
  3. Easier to disseminate
  4. Consumers feel it is more authentic (even if it sometimes not)

The companies in modern times focus on the influencers on such platforms to promote their brands. This helps the companies to get their promotion done effectively due to the points mentioned above. The traditional companies in India such as the Japanese, South Korean and American have a stronghold in the Print Media and Broadcast Media and up to a certain extent, even Social Media. However, there is a whole new era of media emerging known as the New Media that consists of platforms such as the Digital Media, Micro Blogging, UGC Video Sharing platforms, so on and so forth. The new media has witnessed heavy investments from China. The new platforms seem to be more in touch with the ground level users who actually affect the sales. Thus, the Chinese companies are targeting a huge market with their involvement in the New Media.

Chinese companies are more comfortable with the new media as it is new and the companies themselves are either new too or new to the Indian market. As compared to traditional companies Sony, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and Godrej, the Chinese companies TCL, Haier, Xiaomi etc. are very new to the Indian market. These companies are promoting their brands through the traditional media and the new media alike but their focus is more on the new media. We can find numerous advertorials and sponsored videos in the UGC content space be it articles or videos.

There are many Chinese companies especially in the technology sector willing to enter the Indian market. They will be benefitted from the huge number of local content creators in India on the UGC content platforms. The new Chinese companies such as Hisense, Casarte etc. are the new age technology manufacturers who can have a big market share in India if approached in a right way using the efficient channels of market and marketing.

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