Hybrid Cloud Services: The Way to Go

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Cloud ecosystem has been a boon to the IT industry. India is popularly known as the world’s back office due to its efficiency in the IT services. Storage is one of the crucial parts of IT services across the globe. During the pre-internet era, users needed storage on their systems, which could be either difficult to manage or very expensive. However, with the advent of high-speed internet and abundance of it, people started to shift towards the Internet-based storage.

Cloud storage caught the attention of the new generation as it allowed them to travel with their work without the headache of carrying heavy laptops, or data storage devices. One could just complete some work, upload it on their respective cloud storages and then access it from their schools, colleges or offices. This increased the fluidity of the work, reduced time and made the work easier for millions of users across the globe.

Hybrid cloud storage systems are a mix of on-premises private cloud storages and 3rd party private cloud storage systems. These allow the users to conveniently combine the two storage systems and manage the spaces in a smart way. There are people who have a huge volume of work-related data as compared to their personal data or vice-versa. Both of these categories of people can use the hybrid systems very efficiently by using up the bulk space for the heavy volume of data either work or personal.

A recent study shows that the adoption rate at 43% which rose from a mere 13% just 2 years ago. The countries that top the list in the adoption rate are Italy at 49%, Germany at 43% and France at 39%. India will soon be catching up with these countries and the volume will be much higher given the huge population and the massive market that India has.

India already has become the 3rd largest smartphone market in the world and is aiming to take the top position by surpassing China in a couple of years. Adding the cheap data rates, which are almost free in India, allows for a good breeding ground for the Hybrid Cloud services. Moreover, Jio, the fastest growing internet services provider in the country is coming out with its broadband services called Jio Giga Fibre. This will allow for many times faster internet speeds across the nation and a seamless integration between the mobile internet, cable TV, Voice call and Data services. All these developments in India together vouch for a better future of the Hybrid Cloud services.

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