Hungary Ready for 5G, Accepts Huawei’s Tech

Telecom company tower

Hungary, a beautiful East European country is aiming at the stars with a new era of high-speed internet. They believe that 5G technologies could catapult the country towards rapid growth. According to a Reuters report, Hungarian regulator NMHH published draft documentation in June for the sale of more than 400 megahertz of 5G spectrum for the next-generation wireless network that is expected to serve self-driving cars and real-time communication between machines. 5G is the latest in terms of internet technologies and in recent times t has been witnessed that many countries are opting for the same amidst some major controversies regarding the companies providing these technologies.

The US has banned the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei, a Chinese technology giant from offering their services to the country. Moreover, they have asked its allies and many countries in Europe and Asia to boycott Huawei. Hungary has openly discarded the USA’s security concerns regarding Huawei and has claimed that Huawei is just like another technology company who can offer good 5G technologies at affordable rates.

While Russia has joined hands with Huawei for their 5G infrastructure, one of Hungary’s nearby states Poland has joined hands with the US for their 5G technologies. Europe is divided on the topic of allowing Huawei for developing its 5G technologies in the region. In such a situation, Hungary’s decision to go ahead so firmly with Huawei is a positive sign for the company.

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