Humu, a startup by former Google employees to help people be ‘happy’ at work

Work, it is a word which has German, Dutch, and Greek origin does not necessarily cheer the people up when you talk about it. The synonyms of work such as labor, toil, slog, and exertion do not give out any kind of happy vibes. Work is a thing or an action because of which we are here. Every action we take has an equal and opposite reaction and every action is work. The point I am trying to implement is that work is the most underrated and the most important actions we do to live better and bigger lives.

People work because they need to earn money and live good lives. The problem with most people is that the work they are doing is not always their passion. Most of them fail to find what they love to do and end up settling on a job which they hate. This is the most dangerous thing as they affect the company and their own life. They are not happy at work and in turn, they are not happy in life. Which takes me to the technology which will help people stay ‘happy’ at work.

A few former Google employees have inaugurated or developed a startup which will help people feel happier at work. Yes, it is the aim of the startup and as much as weird it sounds, it is true. It is basically based on Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize-winning research which mentioned that people most often than not take decisions which are easier than which are in their best interest. Humu, as the engine to make people happy, is called, is going to ‘nudge’ people in that direction.

It will help people do small things that will lead to a bigger goal. The system will communicate with employees with emails and texts. It has learned a lot from the people-analytics program which is developed by Google. The people-analytics program has studied how top class managers work and keep their team happy. This will help the system to develop better teams and even better humans at work.

The company is doing surveys in other companies to understand the traits of a team. It is doing these surveys via Artificial Intelligence and is going to assess the critical behavioral changes to make better decisions in their system. It is a great initiative as this system will not trick but actually help people be happy at work. It is not a long time away from being a reality but it will surely be interesting to see how it affects the people at work. After all, happiness is what we all strive for and what is the point of life if we are not smiling, working and sleeping soundly every single day?

– Unmesh Phule

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