Huawei’s Problems Rises in Asia

Person holding a Huawei smartphone

Google Imposes Ban on Huawei

The largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world Huawei also has a huge arm that makes Android smartphones. Its smartphone industry is in danger after it lost Google’s Android support due to US sanctions. The company is already facing a slowdown in the Indian smartphone market as some retailers have started pushing consumers to rival products considering the fact that the future supplies from the brand might get heavily impacted.

Google on Monday had announced restrictions on Huawei’s access to its Android operating system in line with an executive order from US President Donald Trump.

The Indian retailers are fluctuating on recommending the Chinese brand to their customers. “With the news of Google stopping services to Huawei, though they have been granted an extension of 90 days, I wouldn’t like my customers to face any problem in future regarding the updates, so will have to divert it to other brands,” said a Mumbai-based retailer. Huawei — the world’s second largest smartphone maker by shipments has a share of 4.5% in the Indian market — the company currently sells around 85% of its Honor and Huawei branded phones through online partners. But it is trying to quickly extend the offline sales to compete with top brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo. It already has a partnership with Tatas’ electronics retail chain Croma for its premium phones. Ritesh Ghosal, chief marketing officer at Infinity Retail which operates Croma, said the firm continues to sell its existing stock of Huawei devices and that it hasn’t received any communication from its partner. Huawei, in a statement, said it will continue to sell Android-based smartphones from its existing stocks in India and support the ones that are in us. The United States has accused Huawei of activities contrary to national security, an accusation Huawei denies. The Trump administration softened its stance slightly this week by granting the firm a license to buy U.S. goods until Aug. 19 to minimize disturbance for the customers.

Effects of the ban:

The inclusion of Huawei on an export blacklist means the Chinese company can no longer source software or components from US suppliers without a license. Existing devices are unaffected but the restrictions threaten future Huawei products. Vodafone, the world’s second-largest mobile operator, said on Wednesday that it had paused pre-orders in the UK for the Huawei Mate 20X (5G) smartphone. “We are pausing pre-orders for the Huawei Mate 20X (5G) in the UK,” a spokesman said. “This is a temporary measure while uncertainty exists regarding new Huawei 5G devices. We will keep this situation under review.” The US export ban has forced Google to cut Huawei’s new devices off from its Android ecosystem. Against this backdrop, some customers in Singapore and the Philippines have rushed to sell their Huawei phones, according to retailers and online marketplace data. Retailers from all over the world are either willing to sell or stock out their Huawei phones. It’s not that the phone is bad, just the US sanctions and google ban are the vital reasons for it for which people want to get rid of it.

Huawei’s response:

According to several news reports, Huawei would continue to provide security updates and services for its smartphones and tablets after Google said it would comply with an order barring the Chinese company from updates to its Android operating system. “We have made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world,” a spokesman said. Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally. The company’s officials have announced that they will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally. Consumers are hoping to have a secure and reliable journey with the brand.

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